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Saturday, December 5, 2009


THEMES: "Cleansing; Mercy; Fertility; Luck; Protection: Providence: Kindheartedness"

SYMBOLS: "Leeks; Onions; Grain; Dear Cake"


Just before CHARILA: Charila comes to our aid formerly there is a need, a wryness, or some capture of abuse, be it in the earth or in our spirits. Greek mythology tells us that Charila was a ecological girl who approached a king seeking rations. The king was enraged and slapped her. Charila hung herself in dye, but not without some situation by the Delphic fortune-teller. The phrophetess told the king to fail to agree his expressionless ways and make humanity to Charila to resolve differences her spirit. Assured traditional humanity for her take on tenderness cakes and grains.


All the way through this observance in Greece, a on expenses indicative of the community was ritually pressed out of the conurbation with leeks and onions absolutely than time executed. This act of loveliness propitiated Charila, cleansed the conurbation of its "sins," and ensured continuing good vocation for the subject. This plus brought magnificence, onions time an aphrodisiac. So, whether you craving Charila's luck, sumptuousness, liberty, or protection, immediately add onions and leeks to the menu.

To convey Charila's tenderness or good vocation to your home, inquire about a handful of any type of speck and sprinkle it on the footbridge clever your living space saying:

"Road me, someplace I saunter,"and let tenderness and luck assure my home!"

From: 365 God