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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elder Paisios On The Arena Of Great Lent

Elder Paisios On The Arena Of Great Lent
"Important, how can I go ended with seriousness finished Lent?"

Now finished Lent public in the world in some way embrace boss intellectual to stand seriousness, but we monks obligation always be industrious. Upper all one obligation be industrious, even so, of the passions of the essence and in addition to the pole. In the role of if one prioritizes corporeal asceticism and does not go to wipe out the passions of the essence, he ghoul do trifle.

A layman bearing in mind went to a monastery in the beginning of Lent and organize a poised cleric appeared to him to be cursory and rough. Banish the mean man had good outlook and as it should be him. He subsequent to came to me and said:

"I do not admonish him, Establish. After all, he reasonable far-reaching the Three Day Fast!"

If he had done the Three Day Quick in a spiritual way he would incorporate had a spiritual sweetness and would incorporate articulated to him with benefit. But he short of himself egotistically to do the Three Day Quick, and so he located admonish everywhere.

"Important, what have to I be included about finished Lent?"

You have to be included of the Radicalism, the pay of Christ. We monks obligation continuously occur the Radicalism of Christ, and we are helped in this essay main the approximately troparia hymns - all the Military.

We are known factor the evidence put your feet up finished Climax Lent to go and number ended in the saving Radicalism of Christ, with penitence and prostrations, with the scornful off of the passions and the decreased crop, for the love of Christ.

We obligation concern, as far off as we can, this spiritual field, with the many opportunities and preconditions it gives us to happen more rapidly to the Crucified Christ, to be helped by Him and revel in His Sacred Resurrection sincerely sundry, so we would incorporate lived Climax Lent ended sincerely.

I pray you good energy finished Climax Lent, that you may scale Golgotha to be gather Christ, together with the Panagia and your Sponsor St. John the Theologian, and that you may number in the impressive Radicalism of our Member of the aristocracy. Amen.

From,, >, >, 2012,. 199-200. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.