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Monday, November 15, 2010

April Is Aphrodite Month

April Is Aphrodite Month
Here is some information on the origin of the name for the month of April from Reference book, APRILIS

"April was previous the sparkle month in the ancient Roman year, for example March began the calendar.

The "real" origin of its name has been lost. The utmost methodical goal is that Aprilis is derivative from the Latin verb Aperire, "to open", as the opening, or budding, of grass and plants.

What the Romans commonly named months for gods (and goddesses), and so April was sacred to Venus, the Roman goddess of love, her anniversary was meant on the premature day of Aprilis. It is feasible (probable?) that Aprilis was essential called Aphrilis, a Latin name which comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love equated to the Roman goddess of Venus?

Fordicidia, the Collation of the Cows on XVII days to Maius Calends (April 15), for example ancient assets were conducted to promise the prosperity of crops. A cow expectant with calf (forda) was sacrificed, and entourage of the vestal virgins consequently took the calf from its mother to nil it. Its ashes, gathered up by the vestals, were recycled a few days considering at the Parilia. Parilia was the annual Roman anniversary of flocks and herds, enormous on April 21 in gaze of Pales, the rustic deity (god or goddess) and special guard of have a supply of.

The Parilia, vitally a rustic, or rural rite, is alleged to bring about originated long previous the business of the city of Rome (753 B.C.). Romulus, the fairy-tale "founder of Rome", is anxiety to bring about played a whopping character in conducting the cleansing and resumption rituals of the Parilia.

April 21 (XI days to Maius Calends) was set detour to commerate not thoroughly Pales, but exceedingly the business of Rome. A natives holiday specified as the Natalis urbis Romae (wedding anniversary of the city of Rome), was exceedingly a day which was dense by music, mode dancing, and blanket carousing."...(Cont.)...