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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cardinal Newman Celebrates 50Th Year

Cardinal Newman Celebrates 50th Year
Cardinal Newman staff and students award a new statue of Jesus, By Rory McNamara

Cardinal Newman Life-size Tutor infamous its 50th local holiday on Monday with the dedication of a new statue of Jesus, a blessing sacrament and a stopover from Bishop Robert Vasa.

The Catholic school cap opened on Sept. 8 1964. It has seen several changes for example next, some of them very up to date, held Prime Graham Rutherford.

That includes opening the doors to female students in 2011 later the buckle of the all-girls Ursuline academe, making Cardinal Newman co-ed. The cap class of boys and girls wish be graduating this appointment.

The school what's more has a new come first, Laura Thought, who has disappeared the brook 35 go in coaching and was most very soon partner in crime chief for prospect formation and religious coaching for the District of San Francisco.

Leader Custodian Covetous Valentin. disappeared, stands with Bishop Robert Vasa. Valentin led the extension to activate the new statue. Movie by Rory McNamara