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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Witches Tortured Naked In India

Witches Tortured Naked In India
Deoghar- Five women were uncovered and paraded open in India behindhand being labelled as witches. The happening took place in the Deoghar private grounds of Jharkhand understood order.

The women, who were Muslim widows, were paraded open, overcome and fringe to eat worldly excrement by villagers.

"Sushila Kumahrin, Sagiran Beebi, Hafijan Beebi, Sujan Beebi and Gulnar Beebi were painful to produce that they were witches and practise black magic. The happening took place at the parameter of a witch doctor. The witch doctor understood that these women were practising black magic and were causing ills in the unity," a order politician told the Hindustan Become old.

The women were rescued in the same way as native ceremony officials and order reached the take prisoner. All the same, the perpetrators, in essence Muslim managed to escape.

In Jharkhand, women are subjected to patent forms of torture, some are even killed behindhand being accepted witches.

CD of the happening has been aired on put on the air channels in India prompting sheer size.

According to proprietor evidence, bigger than 700 sprint, stack of them women, were killed behindhand being accepted witches. The witch doctors decree to escape as sprint hesitation black magic if they are named.

Experts say superstitious beliefs are inoperative some of these attacks, but grant are occasions in the same way as sprint - predominantly widows - are targeted for their land and alight.