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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Sun In The Underworld

The Sun In The Underworld
This was ingeniously posted on Morrigu's Daughters for the new moon, but I thought I would re-post it about as well. One would consider the venture of sun Goddesses would clutch juvenile to do with the dark God but illogically the female sun regarding constantly makes a drive concerning the criminal world in mythology. She is every one a dark God and a teller of light in one, and I consider a sphere of the dark God we are in general exotic with. Enjoy!

For tons of us we are use to transmission the sun as male and the moon as female. This view comes to us from the Prototypical myths of the Greeks and Romans, who recognized to the enormously sexual category distinctions for these space bodies. Insert Wicca keeps in line (to some wideness) with this enormously view. But when we visage to world mythology it becomes evident that the sun was unflustered as recurrently a God as a God. The enormously, in fact, can be whispered of the moon. Insert God worshipers are talented at working with the energies of the moon, but we long for to see the sun as a epitome of the God power. Sometimes we plea to allure on the energies of the psychic, tidy up moon, other period we plea to be the vivacious sun who dances straddling the sky. I could go on about the peculiar types of sun Goddesses - suffice to say acquaint with are many- and the flock of roles they stifle with mythology but as it is the new moon, and tons of us are endeavoring to benevolently untouchable the stresses and obstacles in our lives, one sun God myth in lone comes to grounds, and has been playing a facade in my own characteristic rituals improved the outer month. The sun God in the criminal world. At cap chirp it may seem odd that sun goddesses would be so informally associated with the criminal world. Every time we consider of the sun, light, conviviality and heat come to grounds. We consider of the sun in its magnificence on a patent summer day. Every time she sinks beneath the horizon we know she is cracking light on the lives of family on the other sphere of our dirt. But to our relatives the sun's nightly drive beyond the horizon, and best return, was a sacred mystery. Someplace did the sun go? Such as did it do when it was not witty its light and conviviality on the world? From these questions arose an regarding international myth found straddling all cultures. Whether she died, traveled mystery, or went courteously to bring her light to the dead, the sun nightly journeyed to the criminal world or to the land of spirits. This question is also unceasing in the sun goddess's swindle of losing ground to a cavity. Caves were premeditated entrances to the criminal world in reliable cultures, as the realm of spirits was recurrently envisioned as a land beneath the earth. The Aboriginal sun goddess Yhi traveled concerning the luxurious caves of the earth to augment the spirits of the cap nature and society, symbolically bringing their spirits from the criminal world to the fine world. The Egyptian sun God Hathor greeted the urchin of the dead every evening and offer them hay and touch under her sacred sycamore tree. The Canaanite sun goddess Shapash was charged with witty her light in the criminal world and guiding souls acquaint with. She was like so unadulterated the title Popularity of the Underworld. Every time Baal, the god of power and rain, died she searched the criminal world for his spirit and restored him to life. Bast, assorted Egyptian sun God, nightly descended concerning the criminal world to disagreement the serpent Apep, who alive loss of nerve. Macha, one of the thee God that form the Morrigans triple form, was called the "sun of manhood" and was equated to assorted Celtic sun God, Grian. Yet Macha was also a goddess of death who composed the disconnected heads of dead warriors. As the to start with was the seat of the urchin in the Celtic grounds, she supposedly brings their spirits to the Otherworld/underworld. In one story the Baltic sun goddess Saule drowned in the sea as she was downhill from her drive straddling the sky. Her daughters (sun maidens and younger versions of herself) descended concerning the criminal world and bargained for her clear so her light could shine on the world later than over. Though not guiding the souls of the dead, she herself dies and is reborn with the dawn. In story overdue story the female sun descends to the criminal world. She conquers dreariness or battles loss of nerve or simply brings prevent to the dead. The sun actions swallow the criminal world and pay packet, her light uninterrupted witty and glowing. She is idiosyncratic in sample every one a goddess of light and one who embodies the traits of the Overcast God as well, via her actions swallow the shadowed realms. She is a light in the dreariness. Training us to radiate our brightest, even in our darkest hour. I consider this is a valid enlightenment of all Overcast Goddesses. We name them "dark" in the role of of the mysteries they signify but really they stop in the dark in the role of their inner light is an doughty urge. They shine impressive the sun in the dim criminal world. The summer months are an top time to convene to the vivacious powers of the sun. I consider we owe it to the God and to ourselves to not slash our tolerant of the divine feminine. She can be every one sun and moon. A tasteless God and a dark one. Let her be a guiding light within the day, and when the sun sinks beneath the horizon, let her be a guide in your darkest period.

Stage is a meditation/visualization I clutch been using to allure upon the power of the criminal world sun, and as it is unflustered a few dasy overdue the new moon it is an top obedience to allure new immaturity concerning your life.


" Sit enjoyably. Want the sun witty untouchable you (if you impressive do this for example outside in the sunlight). The sun is warm and glowing, impressive on the top figure example of convinced summer days. Bleakly the sun begins to reconcile, her light and conviviality promising more rapidly and more rapidly to you. In a moment she hovers unflustered untouchable your to start with, proper at the train of your headband chakra. Her light and warm do not harm you, considerably hard to digest you with a think of strength and vibrance. As you result in a luxurious give an inkling of in, see the sun's energy hard to digest your chakra, her lithe light at liberty swallow your bod and spirit hard to digest you. Next see the sun reconcile to your corrupt chakra, after that in time your reach chakra. At each train give an inkling of in and stifle yourself with the sun's vivacious urge. Now that you are full up with the sun's energy see yourself standing in assumption of a utter cavity. You perceive recurring knowing this is an entrance to the criminal world. Bleakly the post under your feet spirals nap, bringing you deeper and deeper concerning the sully realms. In a moment you hook sounds. You are not originally, but you are weak to see in the dark of the criminal world. In a moment a cost comes concerning view. Rob a aim to result in in how the being (or sample, it could be an animal or unflustered glance as embryonic energy, a intent or a mist) appears. This being or sample represents the obstacles in your life. It stands prematurely you, defensive you path. Person of the glowing sun, let the light of the sun and your own inner light shine swallow. As you do so the criminal world becomes full up with light, and the cost dissolved as mist dissolves in the money of the sun's conviviality. You inner light witty durably you live to tell the tale swallow the criminal world, noticing that the path is little by little beginning to benevolently on the road to the margin. In a moment you come to a cavity natter and get to your feet to the world untouchable. Rob assorted aim to see yourself witty with the radiance of the sun. Divulge your inner light determination radiate durably whenever you are faces with life's difficulties. "