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Friday, December 17, 2010

Blessed Friday The 13Th

Blessed Friday The 13th
Friday is the special day of the week which honours the Holy being in the function of it is named for Freya, the Norse Holy being of Be passionate about. In ancient period, Viking weddings were usually assumed on "Freya's Day" to observe the blessing of the Holy being on the marriage. But the highest blessed of all Fridays were intimates that level on the 13th day of a month. Thirteen is the number that is highest sacred to the Holy being in the function of near are 13 moon cycles in a lunar blind date. So Friday the 13th was doubly sacred to the Holy being and to intimates who honoured the Blessed Female.

When Europe was Christianized, one of the ways that the Place of worship buried the Blessed Female was by demonizing Friday the 13th. People were taught to respect this quad and to respect the number 13 mainly. Friday the 13th became equal with bad luck and work, the very rival of the meaning it had enjoyed in pagan period.

So now let us recover Friday the 13th! Let's recompense its correct meaning as a day that is doubly sacred to the Holy being, a day of good luck and special blessings. May you lay claim to an truthfully stunning Friday the 13th!