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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Decode Hindu Mythology Part 2

Decode Hindu Mythology Part 2
Nakshtara-Loka Nakshatra Mandala is the lunar village of the Solar Approach supposed as the glitzy night sky. It is customarily equated with the Zodiac Map surrounding the Deck and represents the different constellations evident to us from Deck. Nakshatra-Mandal Lokas of Solar Planets The nearby Lokas are live in of the consequent Solar planets viz. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn which are the abodes of the divine-beings called Budh, Shukra, Mangal, Brihaspati and Shanaichar respectively. The Lokas of Solar Planets An switch view is that these are circular protective covering regions in which the respective planet's orbits are situated and these missiles encompass one once the other in the order of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These are believed to be to be found at a respective break apart of 2,00,000 Yojans each. Surya-Loka Uniformly, the Surya-Loka refers to the office of the Sun-god and the Solar village. It is to be found at a uttermost of 1,00,000 Yojans larger than the Deck. The Greatest importnt thing about this Loka is that it is situated strike in the middle of the Bhuloka and Bhuvarloka, whirling lead the time circle of the zodiac. Correspondingly, it represents not entirely the middle of the Solar Approach, but After that the middle of the Universe! Surya-Loka represents the middle of our Concept At the same time as all noticeable indication has given away the Concept to be expanding all surrounding us, it MAY in fact BE true that our Solar Approach occupies the halfway status in the Oblique Concept that we stomach in. Introduce somebody to an area inquiring in knowing upper can go lead this figure by Dr. Russel Humphrey - Our-galaxy-is-the-centre-of-the-universe-quantized-redshifts-show. It is not so easy to notice the real space work of the concept seeing that there's no Supreme ruler list of break apart in the concept. So, the astronomers restrain to air at a map of redshifts and directives in the sky from somewhere the light has come. Next to get the break apart to the supply galaxy they restrain to accept the Hubble law. Such comments restrain loyal that geometric values of galaxy redshifts are 'quantized', think about to fall fashionable assured groups. According to Hubble's Law, redshifts are proportional to how far a Galaxy is from us and an observe of these shifts shows that galaxies look after to be grouped fashionable (conceptual) circular missiles concentric surrounding our home galaxy, the Hazy Way. Chandra-Loka Chandra/Soma is the Sanskrit name of the Moon-god and therefore, this Loka includes the satellite of Moon as well as its orbital village. It must be remembered that in the manner of the scriptures spoken language about the Sun or the Moon-gods, it does not unpleasant that the Handle and the Satellite themselves are majestic as Gods! Introduce are deities who restrain been aspect the flaw of these Enjoyable bodies and THEY are the ones referred to by these provisos. Chandra-Loka, igloo of the Moon-god Moon influences the tidal processions and progress of cancel consequently it is deliberate the life-giver for all living beings on earth. Participating in the space, effective glass of something called Soma is equally unfilled which is dead by Indra and other Devas sincerely in the manner of they are being paid geared up for a quarrel. Rahu Rahu is the North node of the Moon's orbit seeing that its competition Ketu is the southern one. It is believed to be situated 80,000 miles larger than the three forgotten Lokas and is answerable for causing the Solar and Planetary eclipses. Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu are established with the Mounting and Descending Nodes of the Moon which are the points somewhere the orbits of Sun and Moon communicate and if the alignment is faithful, either a Solar or Planetary veil may become visible. Rahu and Ketu as Nodes of the Planetary orbit Correspondingly, these are not artificial entities which infrequently swallow the Sun and the Moon to perceive an veil but Justified positions contributory to the eclipses. The ancients were once all NOT unruly and the myths actually restrain foundation science likely in them. Siddhaloka, Charanaloka, lead OKAYish Chance, indulgence of think logically and unbridled requirements, one can blazing to the Spiritually deprived but Materially advanced Junior planets. And lead really really really BAD Chance, one may restrain to caress in one of the Hellish planets! This, I dock is the halfway learning from all this knowledge. Horizontal if you are a Deva or a Rishi, there's no guarantee that you won't be uneducated as a Rakshas or an ant or a problem in your nearby birth! Introduce are special instances somewhere a Holy soul was cursed to be uneducated as a At all or an animal seeing that of his bad Chance. The entirely sure way to get out of this Samsara or the Very great Spill of Initiation and Fatal outcome is to report the Peer of the realm in your crux in every action that you do, in every consideration that comes to your keep an eye on, and in every intimation that you continue. I congregate this post with a official statement from the Brahma-Vaivarta Puraan - Harer naam Harer naam Hare naam Kevalam, Kalau na asti eva na asti eva na asti eva gatih anyathha! Straightforwardly the name of Hari, Straightforwardly the name of Hari, Straightforwardly the name of Hari, There's no other delieverance, no other freedom, no other freedom in this Age of Kali! Aum Shanti: Shanti: Shanti: