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Friday, December 3, 2010

New Orleans Voodoo Lucky Penny Stew

New Orleans Voodoo Lucky Penny Stew
For Mardi Gras, I mistrust it may well be fun to post this recipe for Voodoo Stew from Samantha Kaye's Cajun Voodoo Prized Cookin' which is prohibited utterly through

PURPOSE: Accept luck and money trendy your life!


* 1 quart roasting water
* 1 cup animal protein stew mainstay
* 4 tableware cut up cabbage
* 1 vast white onion, chopped
* 2 vast tomatoes,
* 1 cup fresh spinach, washed and worn trendy sharply pieces
* 1/2 cup raisins
* 1/4 cup garlic powder
* 1/4 cup onion powder
* 1 teaspoon cayenne pierce
* 1 teaspoon salty
* 1 bay piece
* 1/2 cup dark red wine

Magic GIFTS:

1 white candle 1 green candle 1 white egg upon a sharply saucer 1 glass of white milk 38 very soft pennies (scrub them yourself and thereafter do not run them with your fingers, but impartially with a clean serious cloth) 1/2 cup of water 2 white paper dinner service

In Initiation YOUR COOKING:

1. Record up your candles one further on the other (in a honest line) everywhere in the kitchen. Put the white one in back, and the green one in forerunner, about 6 inches aloof. Put the egg and milk between them. Pin down the whole surgery with 36 of the soft pennies. (The egg, milk and candles are to stay behind in place overnight.)

2. Go to any point of the kitchen with the 1/2-cup of water. Spit some water from your fingertips in the point three era.

3. Go to the candles. Feature the pounded three era. Meager the white candle in back and say:

"Hey, Legba. "Easy the revenue and let my words tint to the other fork."

Ravine a promontory. Meager the green candle in forerunner, congratulate your hands three era and say:

"A"ida, A"ida, A"ida Ou'edo, "I am poor and unfortunate. "Ruler of the song, contributor of haze, "

"lord of wealth, be there to me. "I craving good stoke of luck and an luxuriousness of money. "A"ida, I ask this of you: "Assistance me in giving out for my habitat, for myself, "

"and others that may be in craving. "Enliven me trendy your rainbow of stoke of luck, "send me down to a land of luxuriousness, "drenching rain me with the cash, "spill over your raindrops of success and good-luck "

"and jollity about me. "Do this for me."

4. Come into sight your products preparation with your like for having good luck and pecuniary method in feeling. Hold this like in feeling and honor A"ida right through the making of the stew either repeating done and done "I character never be ravenous anew," or on stage Pennies from Paradise.


Add all ingredients however the mainstay, cabbage, spinach, and raisins to the pot of roasting water and fall to a nurture. Add in the mainstay and nurture for 10 minutes. Add in the rest of the ingredients and cook for 40 minutes at a low nurture.

Tilt off flame and add 1/2 cup red wine to pot and tension. Undo the bay piece further on serving. Advance with black-eyed peas to tighten prosperity.

Just the once COOKING:

1. Put out the forerunner green candle and say:

"Thank you, A"ida, "

"for hearing my cry and making my like come true. "If it pleases you, you may now hand down."

Ravine a promontory. Put out the cherish white candle and say:

"Thank you, Papa Alegba. "If it pleases you, you may lacquer the revenue."

2. Scoop out a tiny of the stew trendy each of the paper dinner service. Display are two soft pennies departed. Tumble one trendy each paper cavern of stew.


* Lug the paper dinner service outer limits and go to the ground of a tree, telephone rest on, streetlamp or block post.
* Feature the dome three era with your foundation.
* Put down one stew and say: "Papa Alegba, this is for you."
* Put down the other cavern of stew and say: "Blessings and poise to you, Ruler A"ida."
* Tilt your back and schlep not in, leave-taking them nearby overnight.

THE Subsequent to DAY:

1. Keep back the pennies nearby at the tree or post. If the stew is soothe nearby, spill over the stew trendy the hole somewhere you go underground the pennies. Discard not in the paper dinner service.

2. Lug the egg and milk and candles out to a track point and place them nearby. Do not be noticed take steps so, and identify quickly.

by Samantha Kaye at