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Friday, December 3, 2010

Magic Of Dungeons And Dragons

Magic Of Dungeons And Dragons Image
As you probably guessed, almost everything has a significance to Witches and magick. The time of day is no different. The sun emits uncomplicated masculine energy. A day is a cycle, a turn of the wheel. And as the wheel turns, so does the magickal power.

Dawn is a time for beginnings, change, cleansing, rejuvenation and new endeavors.

Chant to seal a dawn spell:

Oh, Youngest Babe, so newly born,

Help me on this bright new morn.

Aid this spell with your fresh power,

And strengthen it with every hour. (Dorothy Morrison)

Morning is the time for projects that require building, growth or expansion, financial increase or where courage is necessary or when you want to add warmth and harmony to your home.

Chant to seal a morning spell:

O Brother Sun of growing strength,

Come to me and stay a length.

Wrap this spell with intensity,

And add it to your potency. (Dorothy Morrison)

Noon is when the Sun reaches its highest peak. This is the time for spell work that involves mental abilities, health, physical energy, charging stones or metal tools.

Chant to seal a noon spell:

Father Sun, of strength and might,

Aid this spell in taking flight

To its target, now please guide

Increase its power as it flies. (Dorothy Morrison)

As the Sun begins to lower, it takes on receptive qualities. Afternoon is a time for spells involving professionalism, business matters, communications, clarity, exploration and travel.

Chant to seal an afternoon spell:

Aging One of Amber Light:

Hearken! Hear me! Aid my plight!

Take this spell where it must go,

And give it power that it might grow. (Dorothy Morrison)

Sunset is the perfect time for works of reduction or alleviation, removal of stress, hardship, depression, discovering deception and for diet working magick.

Chant to seal a sunset spell:

Oh Setting Sun of passing day,

Aid me in your gentle way.

Take this spell, oh Ancient One;

Give it your strength as you pass on. (Dorothy Morrison)

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