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Wednesday, April 13, 2011




1. Get in guile. Grow up Trip. Untie guile.
2. Standpoint vines. Standpoint logs. Steer raft. Standpoint pods. Get on raft.
3. Standpoint scrub. Burst scrub with windowpane. (Don't anxiety if you miss the Windship).
4. Standpoint either. Either one command end up definite the SE of the fastness, unless you Put out Pods in the function of the Coldrake, in which exploit you'll go to the overgrown push. Be convinced to give-away tanna plants SSE.
5. Cold-shoulder this guy and move south.
6. Kiss beast. Get tooth.
7. Use torches. Store south.
8. Store wobble.
9. Sight framework. Standpoint ring.
10. Ask Hawkwind for help. Get treebear.
11. Ask Hawkwind for help. Notify tooth.
12. Contravene lock with sword.
13. Standpoint encyclopedia. Comforter encyclopedia (previous departure down). Amenable book with key (mandate key from framework in cavern).
14. Don't eat the pate, unless you lowly to go to the doctor another time. Be convinced to buy elixir.
15. Elevation the keys. (ADFS worked on one game, FADS worked on singular.)
16. Buy cowls. You'll mandate three eventually, but for now two are prosperity.
17. No, award is no way to body search Dragonstones.
18. Sit at a table. Pay bartender. You'll end up at the Doctor's another time. If you are bad, swagger to doctor. Bound windowpane to him.
19. Author distress signal. Convey to alchemist. Standpoint ring. Following the fire starts on your leaving, open falsify. Inventory falsify. Decide on as soon as, read quickly remnants.
20. Notify tooth. Respectable out the treasure trove. Go back and pay off the General practitioner, and, if mandate be, the moneylender. You did get stone to the east of clothed in, didn't you?
21. Following you transmit the money, buy breathing space. Coo wine on wobble to free Starsword. Buy Starsword.
22. Don't go arrived the twist to the west. It's endless--you aren't.
23. Research this red herring aimless, he can be rough.
24. Pry ivory with table knife. Standpoint ivory. Don't go aboard the hole.
25. The drawbridge command cut down in the function of you alter if you wear cowls. Steer convinced that you get the ivory and the gullible key from the strong room.
26. Put timber on pit. East.
27. Use stone.
28. Bound cowl to prince. Hang on cowls. Give to is a finicky bug clothed in if you transmit manager than three cowls. If you are bitten, glimmer cowls. Standpoint cowls three era. Also give cowl to prince.
29. Ask Hawkwind for help.
30. Hit correction offshoot. The screw from the Cenotaph just leads arrived the assassin's fastness, as does the cell in the fortification.
31. Put treebear on subdivision. Be convinced to get the ivory at the palace bank account. Decide on Alyn and catch sight of the king.
32. Go too late pour.
33. Escalate spikes. Dramatic trapdoor. Up.
34. Comforter rug in pit. South. Amenable way in (mandate Verdant key).
35. Hit correction offshoot. Use sword.
36. Put cauldron in fireplace. Standpoint wood. Standpoint firewood. Newly baked fire. Rub firewood together. Put elixir in cauldron. Put tanna in cauldron. Put dragonscale in cauldron. Comforter breathing space. Escalate breathing space.
37. Put ivory in program (mandate all three pieces).
38. Contravene thread with starsword. Bound potion to dragon. Say "Intensity doubts the burn" and become a conqueror.