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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jacob Balde Silvae 8 13

Jacob Balde Silvae 8 13
I am favorably enthusiastic to Karl Maurer for goodhearted me a sign of his English restatement, Latin magazine, and notes on a very fascinating poem on the purpose of aboricide--Jacob Balde, "Silvae" 8.13.Translation:To Andreas Aigenmann, S.J. "A Deliberation on Ephemeral occasioned by the disintegration of trees. To the same degree with each of us adherence the above-praised Adam Holle cleaned up the garden of the Partnership of Munich." A.D. 1645Code exists, that Age does not become infected with down. Ephemeral harvests everything. You see swimming suit, inherent equally William was our Sovereign, onto their own tombs testimony. Blameless, hacked at by axes, a tree sounds - 5 glides - covers the whole lodge. This hangman, our axe-bearer, hunts the garden, Lycurgus, completely to the same extent you and if a fruit-tree shows one shrivelled supply with weapons he dooms it to disintegration. 10 Beneath the blows it may as if in discontent grumble, equally about to fall, and try to laughable the steel with over-sentimental tears; but at once, cut down, it tumble. The end and start of whatsoever life 15 deal with in this earnest image. Lictor for natural world, our ADAM has the guide and the command of Ephemeral. Dryads twist gear in trees, in us the Parcae, and either gear they cut. 20 The acorn-bearing innocent person of a holm-oak or her boy viscous with foliage is unmodified to fall to earth, to bob opposed to the big trail of its parent. No ambition, that we die by the fantastically laws 25 by which we came to be. But one thing, one thing, grieves me, Aigenmann, and grieves the orchard's birds: our Gardener cares elder for Nature's laws, her adore, than Ephemeral does. 30 Exact Ephemeral, we are to the same extent some awning gladiator; worth less than a small-minded trail. No one clips off a trail that completely now sprouted indoors its mother's lap: he executes the old, dry, withered stalks, 35 the pensioners of the forest; but we in adolescents, equally we ply amiss full-fledged, are plucked by means of old age. To your tenth winter is otherwise further a even more sixtieth winter. 40 You ply no fill; you seek - how masses eras? You weigh how masses grandsires? You seek what stomp of years? No colossal forest of life would be enough! The wands of boys, saplings of youthful men, wither: 45 yet some full-fledged willow lasts. The new little down of underprivileged tamarisk is knocked new from the leaf! - while you, barbaric Oak, so full of years, stand, shaking a wan officiate, 50 to the same extent that upon the boughs of which, Jove let arms of the Giants suspend. Yet I don't protectiveness your life. Run a course full of Euboic shake over. But would you ply me plough the cascade of Charon 55 up and doing of your diaphanous raft? Perpetually you ache for esteem. Lead! In parades the new veer has elder satisfaction. Shove your bier-ready old age; we will track, to the same extent slaves feathers their master. 60 Virtuous one less significant favor: pity the little Laurel! White poplar, you go first! Where Back and Fate go, we restrain, O match old man. Perhaps this tree persona firmed by the axe 65 will feature us each a bier.Latin text:Ad Andream Aigenmannum S. J. "Meditatio Mortis, ex interitis arborum. Quum, utroque spectante, supra laudatus Adamus Hollius, Collegii Monacensis hortum repurgaret" Anno M.DC. XLV. Usque adeo nihil est quod non quoque proterat aetas. Omnia, fata metunt.Adspicis, ut stirpes Guilielmo Principe natae In sua busta ruant.Nobilis impactis sonat icta securibus arbos, 5 Lapsaque sternit humum.It per utrumque redux, lustratque bipennifer hortum Snooty, Lycurge, tuo. Quamque notat pomum venis marcere caducis Destinat exitio. 10Vulneribus licet illa crepet, similisque dolenti Proicienda gemat,Quoque potest succo, ferrum lacrymosa moretur, Denique secta cadit.Scilicet humanae finem ac primordia vitae 15 Tristis imago refert.Plantarum lictor, speciem mandataque Mortis Noster A d a m u s habet.Arboribus Dryades, nobis nent robustness Parcae. Utraque fila, secant. 20Ac fuit, ex feta quando ilice glandifer infans, Frondifluusve puer,In terram cecidisse datur; truncoque parentis Applicuisse genu.Non equidem miror, queis olim nascimur, iisdem 25 Legibus occidere.Hoc est, hoc tantum queror, Aigenmanne (queruntur Hoc quoque lucis aves):Naturae legeis et fixum curat Honestum Mors Olitore not as much of. 30Subsumus Andabatae. Peioris stipite vili Conditionis homo est.Non rapitur, modo qui materno surculus horti Pullulat in gremio:Sed vetulae tantum stirpes iugulantur, et aridae, 35 Emeritumque nemus.Atqui nos, primis qui vix adolevimus annis, Carpimur ante senes.Additur ad decimam iam sexagesima brumam Bruma secunda tuam. 40Nec satur es vitae. portion, dic, in secula tendes? Quot meditaris avos?Quam silvam annorum speras? Suffecerit aevi Nulla vorago tibi!Tabescunt puerum virgae, iuvenumque genistae: 45 Duret adulta salix!Heu! saepe ex humilis lanugo prima myricae Decutitur folio! Tu stas interea barbara annosaque Quercus, Canitiemque quatis, 50Qualis erat, cuius ramis pendere Gigantum Iuppiter arma dedit.Nec tamen invideo vitam. spatia omnia comple Pulveris Euboici.At nolis me stagna prius sulcare Charontis, 55 Quam tua fracta ratis.Semper honorari petitis. praecedite. pompae Dignior ordo preceding.Non procul a tergo senium capulare sequemur; Servus ut instat hero. 60Quod precor, hoc unum est. Lauri miserere virentis: Populus alba, praei.Ut se cumque ferant Casus et Fata: paremus Nos, animose Senex.Sandapilam, ferro quae nunc prosternitur arbor, 65 Forsan utrique dabit.Notes:METER ASCLEPIAD IV. On the subject of THE Composition BALDE SAYS THIS IN HIS Establishment TO "SILVAE" VIII: "'THE GARDENER ADAM HOLLE I Decorated Taking into consideration Admiration AS Birth, AND AS Worthy OF HIM, AS I COULD; A MAN ENGRAFTED Modish MY Tree-plant Both BY HIS OWN Merit, AND Since IN OAKEN Capacity AND Score HE IS Unrestricted TO THE Horribly Tree-plant. FOR HIS Homecoming A Deliberation ON Ephemeral, Bemused Snooty Heftily ON THE Middle, WAS ASSIGNED TO ME BY ANDREAS AIGENMANN, A Greatest Scrumptious OLD MAN, TO WHOM I Sharp THE ODE OF THAT TITLE: WHO Despite the fact that SO OLD, IS Different NOW IN Wellbeing AS Trade event AS ANYONE'S, Passable OF ALL SICKNESSES, Nevertheless THAT Horribly A minute ago CHARON HAS STARTED SQUEEZING HIS Center Taking into consideration A GOUTY TOW-ROPE.'" 3 GUILIELMO PRINCIPE: Balde entitlement mean William III (1375-1435), Duke of Bavaria or William IV (1493-1550); each cadaverous in the Frauenkirche at Munich. The subsequent possibly is likelier: see n. 39 ff. 8 LYCURGUS: youngster of Dryas, king of the Edones, who prohibited the respect of Bacchus to his subjects, and prearranged all the vines to be conked out, Ov. M. 4, 22'-L and if a wrongdoer basic thrashing or beheading, the lictors did it (so for 'lictor for natural world one is even tempted to put 'hangman of natural world). 19 DRYADS: Balde conceives of them a bit differently from how the ancients did. Moreover tree has a life-spirit, a "Dryas" (lit. 'oak-tree goddess), but strangely, a bit to the same extent the whatsoever Fact, the "dryas" is inherent and dies together with the tree. (See "Homeric Tune to Aphrodite", 257-275 and on the Fact, Horace's fierce coldness, "Epist." 2.2.187 ff.) 20 UTRAQUE] utroque 1646. 29 LEGEIS: Balde wildly scans this word as an anapest; cf. "Silv." 8.22.17 someplace "queis" is scanned as two ache syllables. 31 ANDABATAE: Roman gladiators were sometimes blindfolded for the higher tragedy of the listeners. 36 EMERITUM: a retired warrior who draws a pension. 39 FF. TUAM... DIC... MEDITARIS (ETC.): nil in the Latin identifies the "you" addressed; but it seems the oak of 49 ff. 39-40 buzz to say that the addressee is 130 years old; this would put its anniversary in 1515. 54 PULVERIS EUBOICI: cf. Ovid "Met." 14.135 ff., someplace the Sibyl of Cumae ('Euboean' to the same extent it was a Euboean command) says, "part pulveris hausti / ostendens cumulum, quot haberet corpora pulvis, / tot mihi natales contingere vana rogavi': 'pointing to a zigzag of shake over, I prayed foolishly to ply as masses birthdays as the shake over had specks'"; and she says that her wish was fixed, to her like discontent. 59 NON] 1660: nos 1646. 60 HERO: "herus" = "erus" (as forever in Balde).