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Monday, April 25, 2011

Prime Magickal Tools

Prime Magickal Tools Image
Everyone loves toys and Witches are no exception. We have a wide variety of tools we use to aid us in our workings. None of these are mandatory. You do not need tools to be Wiccan or to perform Witchcraft. Tools have no energy, save the power we give them. You will need to decide for yourself what you want to work with. Before using any tool, especial if it is old, it needs to be cleansed and consecrated. See our Rituals section for tips on blessing tools. And remember, never touch another Witch's tools without express consent.

Altar - Usually wooden, it is a shelf, table, etc. that faces North or East and holds your tools. It should be big enough to allow you room to work. What you keep on it and how it is arranged is up to you, though specific traditions or covens may have a specific display.

Athame - The Athame is a double-edged blade with a dark handle that is used to direct and raise energy. It does not cut anything on the physical plane. It is the tool associated with South, fire and the God.

Bell - Bells are used to invoke deities as well as to ward off evil spirits and spells. They are placed in cupboards and hung on doors to protect the home.

Besom - A Witch's broom usually made from an ash staff, birch twigs and willow binding used to purify spaces. It can be used as a "calling card" by placing by the front door. Besoms are also used to guard the home by being placed across doorways, in windowsills, on doors and under beds. It is linked with water. It is used in magickal rituals to sweep the ritual area clean of negative energies. The bristles should be gathered in a circle, not a rectangle. The besom should be used for magickal purposes only.

Bolline - A Bolline is a white-handled knife used to do work in the physical realm such as harvest herbs, inscribe candles and trim wicks.

Book of Shadows - A BOS, or Grimoire, is a workbook for Witches. It is a place where they keep all their notes, spells, rituals and workings. Entries are usually handwritten, but in today's world of technology, it is not uncommon for a BOS to be typed or even photocopied. There is no one Book of Shadows. However, each coven may have a private BOS just for their members that is handed down upon initiation.

Cauldron - A cauldron is the main tool in Witchcraft. It is usually a cast-iron pot with three legs that serves a Witch in many ways. It is a container in which magic transformation occurs. It is used for making brews and holding fires, incense and/or candles. It is a symbol of the Goddess. It represents Water. It is usually the focal point of a ritual.

Censer - A censer holds smoldering incense during rituals. It represents air and East. They can be bought or made.

Chalice - A Challis is a cup used to hold the ritual drink. It is a symbol of Goddess and fertility and is associated with water and West.

Crystal ball - A crystal ball is made of quartz (you can tell if it is true quartz by its cold feel and the inclusion of irregularities). It is used for divination. Periodical exposure to moonlight will increase it's psychic power. It can be the center of Full Moon rituals.

Incense - Incense is a powerful asset to help you "set the mood." It was believed that the smoke would carry your wishes up to the gods. Incense can help you cleanse and purify your space. The right scent can help focus your thoughts and aid in your magick or ritual working.

Salt (Rock or Sea) - Salt is used to represent Earth. When mixed with blessed water, it can be used to purify space and tools and self.

Pentacle - A pentacle is a five-point flat star that is used as a protective device. The points represent Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Self. It is usually hung over doors and windows. It is a symbol of Earth and is associated with North.

Wand - A wand is one of the prime magickal tools. It is made of wood, be it a stick, branch, dowel, etc., and is an instrument of invocation. It is used to raise and direct energy. It is representative of air and West. Some Wiccans choose a crystal or other stone for a wand. While these to do work, tradition holds that the wand be wood. However, many a Witch will increase their wand's power by adding etchings, carvings, stones and other decorations.

Other items to consider: candles, lighter, snuffer, herbs, essential oils, blessed water, an offering dish, smudge sticks, candle holders, crystals, gemstones, minerals, material for making talismans/mojos, cord, string, parchment paper for writing spells, Tarot cards, Runes, scrying mirror and anything else you may want.

*From Bewitching Ways*

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