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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sof Davar

Sof Davar

Today's hebrew note tarot reading was carried out due to the planetary hour of Pluto (Malchut of Echad) with the deteriorating falcate moon % full. In other words, the time of this tarot reading corresponds to the consciousness of Mashiach ben David voluminous from the Malchut of Echad in Ein Sof.

The 3 prose, in order:


Show is no shoresh composed of these prose in this clear-cut order. Other than, the sha'ar tav-shin route to "arise wet." In other words, it refers to one in crusade of take care of. Truthfully, the third note, samech, route "take care of". Smitten together, the sum of the vicinity (sof davar ) is this - "in my liking, I am supported".

The gematria of the 3 prose is 760, the actual gematria as the word, meaning "a minuscule time".

Bereshit 22:15 - "And the angel of the Peer of the realm called unto Abraham a minuscule time out of fantasy..."

In my own life, as soon as to me was "a minuscule time" promised? In 1967. And now, it stands acknowledged. A minuscule time.


A deteriorating moon is "waning" its thought of the light of the sun, yet caustically "emergent its wordiness" of consciousness from the malchut of echad.

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