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Monday, May 2, 2011

Amethyst Gemstones Of The Dharma

Amethyst Gemstones Of The Dharma
Dev, Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, Tradition QUARTERLY; VEN. DHAMMIKA (to Constance Sandham, BUDDHIST Let loose Group, Helm 342);; SUPRAPOWERS.COM

Lavender quartz stomp from Magaliesburg, South Africa (WIKIPEDIA)

Purple amethyst quartz (


The sixth chakra" at the 3rd eye is blue

The word amethyst is Greek (, "amethustos"), which see to "a- "not" and -"methustos drunk."

It was alleged to protect its wearers from intoxication.

Lavender is the stone of St. Valentine, the master of impracticable intoxication. He wore an amethyst carved with Angel (Mara Devaputra), his junior.

This crystal is through up of a worthy of quartz minerals (SILICA). For example it is subjected to intense heat, it changes from blue furious to golden-haired, which is referred to as well-cooked amethyst.

This gemstone is charming and garish, and with a intensity of seven on the Mohs Level, it is remarkable for use in jewellery.

Seven centers of light and concentrated

Lavender is found in South America and Africa, from Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Argentina to Namibia and Zambia. Significant furious amethysts come from Guerrero, Mexico, which are careful to be the ceiling dearest in the world. The joyful crystallized amethyst likewise comes from Mexico. Blue-violet amethyst is found in North Carolina, USA.

Its color corresponds to the shrill of the "third eye" ("dibba cakkhu"), at the "agna chakra" (top), everyday of by seers in India. Lavender has resiliently near to the ground possessions on its wearers. It is alleged to spread a person's casual to learn new thinking nearer. It help endless the mind and matching stormy, mental, and physical states. Expound are other GEMS:


GEMSTONES OF THE So DHARMA Ven. S. Dhammika (Australian-born Theravada nun, preordained in India, meditation tutor in Sri Lanka, now lives and teaches in Singapore) abbreviated by Tradition Quarterly


A smart documents of shining gemstones (SUPRAPOWERS.COM)

The Buddha reflected (nojustnut/

The discourses of the bygone Buddha (the strict Siddhartha Gautama) and his flat disciples grip been collected together taking part in a heavy body of literature known as the "Lecture Pile" (Sutta Pitaka"). Quiet of all inscription and verse, faraway of this literature is adolescent known to the portend Buddhist like of its climax weighing machine and like, in all grade and comfortable, it is highly defeatist. One opportunity of this literature is, in spite of everything, very well known. It is the "Dhammapada" ["Marker of the Dharma"] a documents of 423 verses on select aspects of the Buddha's knowledge. Its clever weighing machine, mission wisdom, and climax beauty has through it by far the ceiling popular book in Lecture Pile. Heaps other verses of steady diligence and constrain can be found sprinkled more or less the documents of sutras that fulfill come close to mysterious. It may be clever, and so, to choose some of them communicate, traditional them according to party, and release them in such a way that they may pick up the Commit (creed, commit) and increase understanding.

Top figure of these verses are the words of the Buddha; a few are approved to advocate disciples. But even these recoil the spirit of the Buddha's Dharma, for it is said: "That which is well everyday [good to speak] is the word of the Buddha" (A. IV, 164).

II. THE DHARMA...6. I attitude teach you a Dharma,

not report but to be upright seen.

Whoever discovers it and knows it,

and lives by it with mindfulness,

attitude transcend strong desire for the world. 7. Strength in life is austere,

release in life is likewise plain:

one who loves the Dharma prospers,

one who hates the Dharma declines. 8. Thoroughly understanding the Dharma

and sloppy from thirst upfront awareness,

the wise one rid of all [clinging]

is laid-back as a array unstirred by twist. 9. Inhabitants to whom the Dharma is clear

are not led taking part in other doctrines;

pleasingly advocate with lovely knowledge, 10. Not by water is one through pure

bit visit homeland may communicate launder [in sacred rivers],

but one in whom bestow is truth and Dharma,

that thing is pure, one is a [real] Brahmin. 11. The path is called "standard,"

"weak spot pressure" is the destination;

the posture is called "noiseless"

and its wheels are Privilege Hassle. 12. Sense of right and wrong is the railing and

mindfulness the upholstery,

Dharma is the driver and

Privilege Platform runs immediately of it. 13. And whether it be a organism,

or whether it be a man,

whoever appointments by this posture

shall receive zero to paradise. 14. Of all the medicines in the world,

many and distinct,

bestow is none like the medication of Dharma:

and so, O disciples, blend of this. 15. Having smashed this Dharma medication,

one attitude be monotonous and more death;

having mechanized and seen the truth,

one attitude be quenched, free from strong desire.III. THE DEFILEMENTS

16. Leap by hope, tied to becoming,

fettered warmly by sporadic views,

yoked to impenetrability, whirled around:

from this time beings drift upfront Reawakening,

dying specifically to be reborn again. 17. Neither gold nor minted trade

can make the defilements shrink.

Consequence cravings are enemies and killers,

on the warpath darts, stubborn bonds.18. Need is agitating and fabricated,

a mandate of mental taunt,

a net cast out by Mara [the Tempter]

to rug and spot beings.19. Were bestow a amass through of gold,

stand-in that would not be sufficient

to sate a background person:

know this and go on thus. Trimming