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Monday, May 9, 2011

Origins And Oracles The Missing Link To Everything

Origins And Oracles The Missing Link To Everything
THE Stumped Association TO "Something"?

by chance

I store truly done a study of the works by Michael Tsarion. ( He has a documentary set (and book by the extraordinarily name) entitled "Atlantis, Oracles, color:#cccccc;">

It is alike Top figure significant to declare award are 22 books of the Bible that are mentioned IN THE BIBLE, but are not part of the nearby Doctrine. We can thank our Luciferian Constantine Vatican friends for this censorship. THIS Troubles ME Top figure. Evident of these books are unflustered as roller as what I am message present-day.

Finished and superfluous leading Christians of today are beginning to natter open these books. BENNY HIN is one of these Christians as he will convey Nephilim ("giants") and actions from the Ape of Enoch on occurrence (GOD Sanctify HIM). Top figure Christians do not even take delivery of what he is saying being he does this. Thomas Horn (dramatist of "Nephilim Stargates") is a scholar of these tricky Biblical studies and topics. He is alike a Instinctive Another time Christian and used to be a high priest with the Overall Gospel Built-up Men's semblance (which is now allied to Illuminati precede eat instead distrust Rockefeller and Government "plan based" evil accord).

Kindly Tsarion is an focused in Myths. Sorrowfully he believes the Bible is mythology. Static he alike believes that you must appeal to the word "myth" out of it and manifestation at it as "ancient history" writings. Later than you do that he believes it unfolds the mysteries of old and in the neighborhood today. So as have a yen as you understand *his* established as a result you can be strong in your plan and not let it set up up your world. Intently I store strong plan in Christ so I body that Remote mythology (written "Late" Christ's time on Terra firma) is Intended Forged Comfortable AS GNOSTICISM; believed to "Confuse". This Gnosticism is what led to the censorship of the Bible in the leader place. Tsarion alike attempts to get authority to Theosophy to some fine distinction (which I find is okay), but must be Fervidly Drinkable.


The find fault with in Michael Tsarion's belief reasoning is this. His bring to a close is fitting to numerous ornamental him such as David Icke. They start out their study not including any plan at all in Christ. Seeing that of this, they come to the bring to a close that it is all "Tale"-ology. They to end with body that the Human individual itself must be strong and notice his own self eat inner command and "Amiability". They body award is no "possible" God per se (extraordinarily as Kabala and Gnosticism). Give to is never a convey of prayer at all seeing as they do not body in it. But this is a King-size Damage in my view and present-day is why.

Tsarion / Icke meet with intense enthusiasm the practices of the Luciferian evil ones. They ornament a ancient history print of the bloodstained past full with child expense, blood intake, and mention and exaltation to Satan, SET or Ba'al. Tsarion / Icke resemblance to lack any face with Material Facts of Satanic evil and spiritual manifestations of today. They never circuit upon "demonic term" of the secular. They never convey anything but the Method of evil. This keeps them from having to conciliation with the Together with border of the Together with vs. Unhappy equation. Any Christian that has seen Premature License a secular "WRITHING" on the native land, lecture in a amusing rough, make something difficult to see demonic voice get DELIVERED with the power of the Saintly Spirit has NO Hunch of the days of Jesus and Satan - the Spirit Cosmos. Any integrity who has dabbled in the occult and stirred chairs sideways the room or Subordinate, - KNOWS! They know. And numerous of them go Control to the good border (as my own Blood relation did at what time moving a president). They run outdated from the Unhappy carefully to Jesus. To them, it was Material.

Why would you study history for 20-40 years and taunt the bring to a close that millions of so they say unforgiving evil hectic "beings" store been outcome the world and are preparing to appeal to it silent and point no Together with Place to that finding? If award is a Intuitive "Unhappy", as a result I faithful award is a Intuitive Together with. If *they* pray and perform rituals and sacrifices to THEIR GOD Lucifer, as a result we Necessary Pray to our spiritual God EL ELYON and his spirit son JESUS CHRIST. All David Icke and Michael Tsarion are wanting the peak significant Association. That is the Association TO THE Intuitive Cosmos


Popular are some of Michael Tsarion's conclusions (or theoretical beliefs) lesser from the Mythological study.

1. A intense spurt of extraordinarily powerful and mechanically advanced beings came to Terra firma thousands of years via ABRAHAM'S Biblical Elapsed begins. This happened "unflustered earlier" to EDEN. (yes Zecharia Sitchin's studies are sophisticated stylish this)

2. These beings were "NOT Human" genetically, but appeared humanoid

3. These beings manipulated genetics of humans to system a working bloom to do their work for them - These are the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6:1-5

4. These beings shaped and lived in ATLANTIS

5. These beings made 3 (THREE) attempts at genetic worth to system their drone spurt

6. The leader attempt was a mix of Neanderthal and THEM which shaped an stunningly talented bloom, too talented and it fought back and stirred on

7. The small attempt was not quite as powerful and open-minded and shaped the basic secular which was corrupted / converted by the leader bloom and stirred accelerate (an debate of Eve's influence on Adam) out of Eden

8. Thus came the Cool Be in motion. He believes award was no flood but the Cool Be in motion shaped the flood. Intently I body award was moreover.

9. The negative effects of the Cool Be in motion wiped out ATLANTIS. The floods wiped out all the visiting unfamiliar race's "gear"

10. But the negative effects did NOT dab THEM out. They are hush held up present-day on Terra firma, living thicket. (award is validation of this see Phil Schneider)

11. They as a result shaped one superfluous genetic spurt to do their work. They open by genetically manipulating "reptiles" they got what they considered necessary. This resulted in the formation of the REPTILIANS. He believes the Reptilians are the blood line that has been the blood abstemious outcome class in the neighborhood all of ancient history. Egypt, Sumerian, Babylonian, etc. He believes the Reptilians work for "THEM" who wait thicket

12. He believes the Dynasties of Beyond Phoenicia, Venetia, in the neighborhood Europe are all bloodlines of the Reptilians

13. He believes they are persuasive the banking reasoning and world governments eat this ancestry

14. He believes THEY store an record, and that is to GET OFF THE Terra firma seeing as they are *stuck here*. Seeing that of their technological wounded, they store not been impressive to make well yet.

15. He believes they are behind schedule technologies such as Nuclear Be in command of, HAARP, and the CERN Accelerator. (The British Sovereigns funded CERN by the way and Oppenheimer is quoted as admitting they had help from facade the world)

16. He believes these technologies store one Secret purpose; to break open a Family name Say so they can get the hell out of present-day.


This belief reasoning, eat mythology, answers zillions of questions such as:

* Who are the Nephilim and why is the Bible full with information mobile they survived the Flood? I body God believed to dab out every living thing but it did not come out as orderly. (take away Biblical item)

* It explains the terracotta and stone writings of old that positively fetch the way in of outer space beings on Terra firma with technological influence

* It explains the Cool Be in motion confirmation

* It explains Dinosaurs, man living and conflict dinosaurs

* It explains above ground dishes or unfamiliar days

* It explains Ringing Undisclosed Antagonistic Bases

* It explains Mind

... to convey entirely a few.

It does NOT Instruct Blend

It does NOT Instruct THE Spirit Cosmos AT ALL

Concentrated AND Prayer

I suite an surprising delivery of his conclusions / beliefs store esteem. Static Jesus Christ is the wanting fuse. Here's why. In all of this award is no Incomparable God. Give to is no General Designer. An Almighty. The Bible is blatant of the days of a God Start (many of Gods and workers called Angels). It is blatant on El Elyon individual the Almighty God. It is blatant that Yeshua Hamashia (Jesus) is the spirit son of EL. Yeshua's activity is to Keep hold of US. NOW WE Concede Like HE IS Stingy US FROM!

None of Michael Tsarion's or David Icke's consequence are Intuitive IN Sympathetic. THIS IS A Secret GAP!

Something is Intuitive. The God Start is made up of Spirit Gods. El Elyon is the Almighty Top figure Tough.

If these beings come about, and if they messed with secular genetics, as a result THEY TOO Stick A Spirit GOD WHICH IS In addition EL ELYON.

This is the wanting fuse in their teaching.

This is my conscription of their conclusions sophisticated with my independent worldly wise of the days of EL Elyon and his spirit son Yeshua.

Elevate this. Michael Tsarion's *alien creatures* with ALL their the unexplained power, cannot escape from the Terra firma

Authorize ME A FREAKING Splintering

MY Peer of the realm GOD EL ELYON can go everyplace he pleases. His legions of spirit defense force can move eat the Intuitive ETHER upon his reveal at will.

So in bring to a close, if these unfamiliar beings do incontestably come about, they are NOT GODS AT ALL. They are Hoax (g)ods. They are manifestations of Unhappy. They are Satanic in type and deed, but are not DEMONS. Reading DEMONS can escape from their caged secular and move stylish the Intuitive Ether.

Peer of the realm GOD ALMIGHTY EL ELYON

May Jesus and the Be in command of of the Saintly Spirit get command and discernment to associates seeking a above understanding. May the Peer of the realm God El Elyon, protect us with his Fortification. May we electioneer him with a enthusiasm never seen via in the world. May we NOT be marched stylish their ovens, and more accurately as you promised, rise gloriously silent evil. May any Christians reading this advanced information not be "tripped up" but store their minds open to a deeper understanding of God's Characterize and to the point us for the Test we store yet to delay. Show your appreciation YOU JESUS!