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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Room Purification Ritual

Room Purification Ritual
"This ritual is thought to condense a room of prejudicial or offhand energies, and bring in strong-minded ones."1) Command the room so that prejudicial energies can't place in the ground surrounded by the calamity. This includes attack in reserve wash and attack sheets - this is an undeniable affair for any slot of refinement, and is not endlessly essential for emergencies, but preferable.2) Invisibly a white candle. You can post tealights about the room to light it with strong-minded light, and with get stuck a white candle around to splendor this.3) Later get stuck incense hurt, smudging the air and saying everything like: "By the power of light, in the name of"*, may this room be cleansed and purified." *This can be any deity name, such as Anubis?4) Go to every wall of the room and dream of a pentagram in the air with a wand. If the room permits, go to each elemental regulate the same as plan and say: "Qebsennuf guards this way (east)... Duamutef guards this way (south)... Imsety guards this way (west)... Hapi guards this way..."