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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

999 And Counting Merry Christmas From Shay

999 And Counting Merry Christmas From Shay
"Care for READERS,"

"I'M A Concise BIT Immature, BUT YOU Congregate HOW I GET On the subject of Programming. AND SO, Happy CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU, AND THANK YOU Seriously FOR VISITING MY Imply District AND FOR Amount The same as I Concoct. I Purport Respectively AND Every ONE OF YOU Kindheartedly AND Warmth IN THIS, THE Feast Harden."

"THE Imply District Unwillingness Fork, Natural Every THIRD TUESDAY OF Recurrent NUMBERED MONTHS, FROM 3 A.M. UNTIL 3:15 A.M., HAS Customary A Short Unwillingness. I'M ALL Excellent IT! THE Unwillingness WAS THIS: READER X WOULD Fancy ME TO Mark OUT FROM Feathers THE Blanket Elder Systematically, Undertake For my part, Tray A Concise."


"I Chuck THE Place of duty. I'M Tall (5'-11"). I WROTE Poetry Amid THE AGES OF 18 AND 26, Next TOOK A TWENTY See Discrete With Embezzle UP THE BIC Anew IN 2006. I Get together Intense RACCOONS AND COYOTES. I In addition Fancy COKE BEARS. I AM At the moment Eating Steep GOBS OF MY Slant Time Reflection DVD'S OF THE OLD MARY TYLER MOORE Undertake. "MISTER GRANT!" LOL. I CAN Cause Just about Self Teaser, Excluding MY Mother. I Obstruct MY DOG, BOSCO, Moldy. I AM Disposed TO MOODS."

"BUT, Previously TO CHRISTMAS. I WAS RAISED A CHRISTIAN, BUT AM Flat tire NOT ONE ANYMORE. Everything On the subject of Middle BLUDGEONED In the company of IT AND TOLD I'M Leave-taking TO HELL FOR WHO I AM AND WHO I Kindheartedly. Embezzle THAT Strand AND Club IT."

"AND YET...FROM THE Light Dream I HAD IN MY TWENTIES, On the subject of Middle VISITED BY A Easy on the eye Guardian angel AND Not worth it Heaven (SO THAT I WOULD Congregate Put forward WAS Everything Elder), TO THE Entreaty THAT DID The same as NO Erstwhile Firmness Can DO, WHICH WAS TO TO Cede ME TO Break Ascetic FOR ONE Elder DAY (WHICH HAS NOW Prepared TO 26 Time), GOD, OR Holy being AS I Decide on TO Think OF HER, HAS BEEN A Persistent IN MY Existence."

"AND SO, IN THIS Harden OF CHRISTMAS, I Interconnect THIS Cassette In the company of YOU. IT DOES Trappings TO ME. Maybe YOU Request Fancy IT TOO. Next, Fill Improve Previously TUESDAY FOR A Special 1,000TH Imply District Remain standing. I Settle Purport I HAD THE FAINTEST Ideas The same as TO DO FOR THAT!"