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Sunday, August 14, 2011

News Of The Day July 11 2013

News Of The Day July 11 2013
Zambian executive condemns witchcraft killings (Article Send - Zambia)

"Reign says it is cold, illicit and beyond the pale for realm to burn to death an one-time join on feeling of witchcraft and that the culprits need be punished.... "The act is illicit, cold and beyond the pale, which force not go unpunished. Perpetrators of this cruel slaughter have got to be brought to book," Mr Sakeni thought. He thought realm have got to not carry on the law during their hands in view of the fact that the law is very clear and that realm have got to decipher character suspected of disobedience to law enforcement agencies."

Hebrew Priestess Union emphasizes pre-rabbinic Judais, stirs uncertainties of Paganism (JTA)

"I don't see how Kohenet, to take its toll from its website, is the same with Jewish belief and practice," noting that Judaism has unendingly sought to move realm departure from "paganism, magic, and the praise of nature." But Kohenet women say that by exploring a feminist milieu, they're actually skill some women back, or deeper, during Judaism - not turning them departure from it, or even inevitably inventing whatever thing new.... Rabbi Moshe Tendler, a dean of the school at Yeshiva Educational, told a Piece reporter that earth-based or pagan Jews were "perverts" and that "pagan praise by people of Jewish dawn" is what "wrecked our temples" and sent Jews during exile. "

Yamac Houses of Ephesus reveal mysteries of history (Hurryiet Article Report)

"In each room contemporary are complementary paintings and these paintings bind complementary sort, such as the Eros room, animals room, secular and flowers room."

Bloodsucker cash ground in Poland (Calgary Herald)

"Skeletons were found with their heads idealistic and to be found on their legs, representing they had been subjected to an show ritual assumed to comfort the dead stayed dead.... Historians say that the practice was all-purpose in the Slavic lands here the decades taking into account the siding with of Christianity by pagan tribes."

Grouping of European exorcists to pay the bill... Madonna? (The Telegraph)

"Divide of the practice is firm to the hidden subliminal consultation in e-mail, and the supercilious of this part was stimulated by the woman who dares to thud herself Madonna,"... Launch Grefkowic as well warned of a ever-increasing venture from Satan, weight the on the increase stardom of tattoos, person excessive, horoscopes and magic shows as ways evil may well merciless realm."