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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prayer To Heru Ur On His Epagomenal Day

Prayer To Heru Ur On His Epagomenal Day


Deluge to you HERU-UR
", Horus the Good, Lady of the "Two Eyes of Heaven, Lady of the Aspect of the Sun, as your twice as much, "Set", is the Aspect of the Sad. You, who are "Heru-ur Nesu", Lady of the South in your seat of "Maykhenut", and "Heru-ur Bati," Lady of the North in your seat of "Sekhemt", transfer the "Uatchti", the two Eyes are the Sun and Moon.

Gawk finished us with your great eyes timetabled the hours of the day and night, as you flight with "Re" in the "Wia nehehe," The Dinghy of a Million Being. You are the winged Sun fly around surrounded with the two uraei, which are "Nekhebet" and "Uatchit", which stands lid finished all temples. Protect us with the Winged Revolve having the status of you are "Heru-Khenti-in-Maati", Sunshade Horus with no eyes to see our annoyance.

"Your testament of Pa-Ayit" preserves the carry of Osiris in "Sekemt", careful by the two foliage, "Nebes" and "Shent". You develop the Two Lands in the form of a Lion, guilty us from evil. At Ombos, you are "Neb Nubti", Lady of Two Golds, where on earth your associate "Ta-sent-neferet" bears the offspring Sun, "Pa-neb-taui", son of the Lady of the Two Lands.

From Giza, you stand as "Heru-Khuti", Horus of the Two Horizons, in the form of the Earsplitting Sphinx, surveillance your schedule with Re from "Bahkau", the Dimension of Commencement, to "Manu", the Dimension of Dusk. You are "Heru-khuti-Tem", Lady of the Two Lands of "Iunu", and as "Heru Behutet," the protection who prevails in the power of the Sun at midday.

"At Edfu, you are Lady of the Forgery, where on earth your mesniu" [smiths] run the "mesnet" [foundry] to make the iron armaments you desire to triumph the armed of clutter. You who pursuit Re's enemies riding the Winged Revolve, protect us from evil and harm within the day, and protect Re from the armed of Apep as he schedule timetabled the "Dwt" to be reborn.

As you production from "Bahkau" as "Heru-khuti-khepera", to outshine forth at midday as "Heru-Khuti", and to end the day as "Heru-Khuti-Atem", who sets in the West by Position "Manu", watch finished us. May your left eye, the Moon, watch finished us at night. Have the nerve the armed of Apep as "Heru-Behutet," having the status of you captivate timetabled the hours of the Sad. We pleasing you on your day of establish, Horus the Good, "ankh djet".