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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whats With The Weird Numbers On The Use Of 93

Whats With The Weird Numbers On The Use Of 93
"Do what thou bag shall be the whole of the law "

On this website I start and end all the posts with the law of Thelema. At the beginning I post '"do what thou bag..."' and at the end '"love is the law..."'.But for accidental news item, as well as for the explanation fields i use the production 93. I possess been asked two times in the scamper few weeks so Possibly i obligation explain why 93 is used amid thelemites as an close wanted (IF YOU HAVEN'T Earlier than GOOGLED IT). The production 93 is smoothly used as a sack form of the law of thelema which is a repetitive wanted amid Thelemites. This is '"Do what thou bag shall be the whole of the law"'. 93 is the production exploitation of the word thelema meaning moral fiber. The repetitive finish is pet is the law, love under moral fiber. All-around impart are two words with the in bad condition of 93, thelema (Request) and agape (Beloved) as a result 93/93. 93 is in addition sometimes used as a vocal wanted. Thelema is smoothly referred to as the 93 gust as Aiwass, Crowleys far ahead protector angel's name in addition enumerates to 93. It becomes a bit of a cultural thing though for firm, ritual and official stuff the longform is used. It in addition allows the sneaking of such a wanted in the sphere of less esoteric news item and opens the big business of 'what's the 93 for?' I can as well as explain if club are analytical defective cramming the law in word down their throats.So in holder you've been one of ancestors wondering, thats why!

"Beloved is the law, love under moral fiber"