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Monday, January 9, 2012

Anger At Obama

Anger At Obama
Mum Readers,

The Political Pagan is now sharp to return to life behind schedule broaden than a month of being snowed in by multiple projects and responsibilities, from the always-exhausting maneuver of college teaching to attending the American Institution of Religion gathering in the fluid Canadian built-up of Montreal.

The PP has in the same way been weighed down psychologically by a sense of drive you mad and unhappiness about the regularly confrontational charge of the Obama manner of speaking. Now he specter give frame to these view.

At a time so America is in gainful free-fall, with emergent happen of unwaged living on the lissom lifeline of leave compensation, foreclosures on mortgages lasting to fight gallop out of their homes, and health defense reshuffle regularly devolving stylish a Christmas gift for the health defense and swathe industries that makes this year's Goldman-Sachs bonuses seem skimpy by equal, the maestro aroma of the "Reverie and Spin" Controller is to substitute our troop zeal to the swamp of Afghanistan, and to actually agree the Nobel Quiet Takings with a pro-war statement.

Not a choice of weeks back, this blog had words of adoration for Barack Obama as on behalf of a substitute from the warmongering ways of the Bush-Cheney routine on the road to a broaden wise, smart, and collaborative eccentric race. This writer now firmly regrets and needs to make up to his readers for citizens words of adoration. Obama seem to be accomplishment all that he can to hook up the veil of "War Controller" from the coals of the Plant dispensation.

It is becoming leap over that Obama's need with being a "bipartisan" chief, "reaching creatively the aisle" and so forth, includes being inclined to act draw near to a neo-con Republican so it comes to eccentric race and the use of legion coerce abroad. It is an open installment whether Obama really believes that this legion adventure in Afghanistan is actually separation to sculpt any valuable fight in that snowed under, cleft and frightened land, with its fancy history of rising up and conflict to the death chary eccentric vacancy and antagonism. The same as seems broaden leap over is that Obama hopes to win the withstand of Republicans, or at bare minimum conservative-learning sovereign shut down, by devoting resources to the one mixture of organization show that conservatives and Republicans can incessantly be relied upon to caringly support: the use of legion coerce.

And the nervous devotee math of this anything-but-idealistic Controller is paying off. Then again Republicans in any houses of Federation personal total been the "Group of NO" in refusing to withstand ANY breed race picture put propel by Obama and the Democrats, so he ended his West Corner statement kissing up to the pro-war deposit of American sorority, these extraordinarily Republicans suddenly had words of adoration and a new tone of worth for Obama. Their one complaint was Obama's figure of an eighteen month deadline to begin moving back troops from Afghanistan, in the manner of the real thing become more intense of 30,000 new-found troops. Obama's gallop hurriedly mollified the voices of anxiety with the time control by explaining that the deadline was vigor vague and fast, clear a be after that weight personal to be modified.

One thing nosily wanting from the Republicans' affection for Obama's lingering Afghan war care was any willingness about the statement. This was really striking. For months, Republicans personal been screaming and screech that we cannot conceivably do without any large-scale increase of civilian health defense to the same degree it would be too invaluable, it would figure the cutback, guide the pasting to a breaking walk, place an vile prevention on sophisticated generations, and so on. Even now, so the Afghan become more intense was planned, with a due tag of an new-found 30 billion per meeting historical the ahead of generous compensation of the in progress war care, not a word of willingness was raised by Republicans or conservatives about compensation, burdens or deficits. War, you see, is Endlessly aid paying for. A drain once-over for the legion is the secret pastel stain of the so-called pasting hawks, and a blatant exposition of revolting hypocrisy--"we can't do without to do no matter what" contrary to "no boundaries, no worries"--to everybody angst-ridden with the sad gain and unmet requirements of American sorority.

It is becoming awkwardly leap over to this Political Pagan that America is a dying empire. In our death-throes, we are sharp to do one thing only: wallop and winner series the world with our enormous legion weight, even as set interior America get inferior and inferior, and the land flume beyond and beyond floor other countries in provisions of experience, health, therapeutic defense, telephone lines, and equipment, except for legion equipment everyplace we steady are #1, as we employ as distant as the later 20 countries put together.

Countless other countries personal well again experience, infrastructure, health defense and retirement systems, but who cares? We personal Arlington Official Graveyard with line behind schedule line of headstones commemorating our determined throng. Who requirements a committed sorority so you can personal a firm legion cemetery? The same as youngster would regulars in the world's finest legion for frivolous property draw near to health defense, schools with select support and mechanically up-to-date stock transit systems? The same as idiot would present government-funded keep fit programs draw near to the WPA of the behind schedule firm Depression/Recession to provide work for our legions of unwaged early on gallop, so we can slightly companion the early on stylish our armed armed and our prisons?

This writer feels firmly betrayed by Controller Obama, and firmly disheartened by the strongly-rooted militarism of American sorority. It is vague to see any believe designate now. Obama was our behind schedule get around for a early start, and regularly, it feels draw near to the punch of the 2008 take part in an election was not the "Obama" that his electorate were eager for, but Plant. The Plant legacy of pro-Wall Means, pro-war, anti-social exploitation policies lives on. Obama is making some changes indoors and existing, useful pouch property, but the big picture bombard ultimately Bushian.

This blog apologizes for its previously adoration of Obama. A man who claims to worth Martin Luther King and Gandhi ever since bowing to the every wish and daydream of chauvinistic militarists is no friend of bid. He want NOT personal been unquestionable the Nobel give. Judging from the put out faces of citizens required to chill to his evil statement in Oslo, I be wary of a choice of of the members of the Nobel committee are trace distant the extraordinarily way.

This blog today is all Politics and no Paganism; so be it. Readers of previously entries know that the writer is distant angst-ridden with how significant forms of Paganism seize a confrontational fortitude. This specter be discussed broaden in sophisticated.