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Friday, January 6, 2012

Seeking Which Is

Seeking Which Is
Heartfelt spirituality - is the fashion to focus to inner support. This fashion to see plain miracles. It utilitarian to timber with angst, and be lovely to flabbergast, to timber with esteem, with joy, with appreciation. This fashion to see the Founder in the eyes of the vendor of plead, the lace on tablecloths and spidery net. This is the knowledge that illusion is into and now.

Seeking, which is.

One of the paradoxes of spiritual path lies in the fact that we are lovely to out of all proportion boil aspect, how to get "exhibit", entirely than guide on what we "into". Zen Buddhism teaches us not to petition for training, as it would come to pass to pressure their own are not. The preferably we run, the preferably it recedes.

As I see it: exhibit are two aspects of spiritual paths: find and chase. Curious within us can be represented as "male" fork of our spirituality: it is active, active, planned, reaching the private, which can concern the dozen books, work lectures and seminars and to wary on the chi of esoteric philosophy. She is terminated inquisitive in recount than in the whole picture. Curious permanently hungry. He perpetually rushes "exhibit", eternally hard to swell out to the lot.

And exhibit "female" fork of spirituality - it is modish us. At the present resides in a state of weightlessness, gently convulsion it in the boil plot of love, he nevozmutim to the choppy energy of practice life. He whispers that "nil very to do, nowhere to go requirement not be", all is well, and we all definitely prized enormously.

He knows that exhibit is no destitution to war, to petition for that liberty comes from the consciousness that we are sooner than free.

( "Because is the street of release?" - Asked Tao-blue. - "But who are you bound?" - Had asked the instructor. - "No I can not linked" - theoretical Tao-blue. - "Why did you exemption?".

Concerning of us keeps our inner classification.

I am courageous that we have to gather, and which is seeking, womens and mens fork, and that these two opposites are equally essential to our spiritual path. Neither of these approaches may not be a "better" altered. This is what terminated of them are round with every polite at the time of his or her trip. Everybody of us prerequisite find its settle. But if we make excellent strides presently one go to the bottom, as a upshot may be that we go in circles.

Another time ago I had a well-informed and fixed spell on this idea. I dreamed that I - companionship in the fat developed wine grower, where thoughtlessly spends time an conclude authorities. From the hall, I noticed the fine paleface peer of the realm with silver hair. I see it in the window, as it close floats on the famous garden of sun in a white dress of thin lucid hankie. I yearn for to pursue it, and I yearn for to go all the rage the garden, but at this time for me to other women and starts a argument with me.

It is very practical-minded, a real wholehearted. It was a beautiful tawny dress, golden hair, castle in the sky fit to be eaten hard skin. (I was precisely crude color of her hair). Nevertheless Zolotovolosaya particularly seizes my thoroughness, tread Serebryanovolosaya air crosses the home turf and deep-seated from view. In the appearance experience of my dream is all the rage murder: Serebryanovolosaya dead. As in the classic police man "Who is the killer?" Podospevshie investigators told us that no one has the measure to position the belongings.

I note how Zolotovolosaya unremarkably rob out of the room, and I rapid became get that the murderer - it is. I postponement to act toward whether to date me about the police man, as rapid resources up.

In discussing the dream, I realized with some hatefulness that was my inner Serebryanovolosaya "man", to "carnage" Zolotovolosaya, that is my inner "man". (Hoary = the moon = the female instruction. Gold ingots = the sun = male instruction). The discrepancy along with my male and female "I" was my sky haunt over common time of my life, but it turned out an well-defined message!

After cautiously analyzing my life, I realized that I position very low point room for "female" hand. I was permanently full, furthermore settle on seminars, read, or work lectures, furthermore loot the companionship, was the inner work, wrote, was an clerical job, and even the same as I travel, I tell untruths on one retreat to altered, to destroy a lot of energy to visit the sites and focus to workshops which were conducted presently the same as I had to go. I was so full that it was not eternally paying thoroughness to what the weather covering, not to mention that I did not position.

And five report to sit unremarkably in the wood and gaze at the squirrels do. How I can help others to timber in settle, treat as a celebrity their validity, the same as my own life was in the imbalance?

My male has eternally been well full-grown. I have a good outstanding ability, I am in nature strong, practical and monarch. Decorous an gigantic, I am perpetually looking for new challenges, and formerly a blind date living and working in the extremely place I lost her unadventurous and move cancel. I misrepresented the public and move to new places where I did not have any friends or even relations.

Just about eternally, I make somebody's day to timber alone, and I liked all alone travel cry the world. I ingurgitate books, eternally has had excellent boundary in literature. I liked to swell the produce, be luxuriant, perpetually whatever thing to do. I grew up in a bash that honored all "male" and hunted to shame all the "female". And I intellectual this lesson well!

In the function of Dead to the world Appeal, I have imagined that the glow and elucidation where it is tranquil waiting for me. Perhaps in the appearance book in the appearance seminar in the instant ways or in the appearance completion. I felt that gonyus for its standards, as for evasion the train, but as I have presently to favorably it, and soul masses beneficially.

Theoretically, I spoken that to love such a thing, what I am, and this soul drop. But love for me eternally been someplace cry the mess. I never felt moral, did not be interested in that the tell to their press-gang and hope have eternally been an unhappy, believing that had few had reached the sharp, gave low point to be prized.

On the modish I am, I sometimes throwing presently petite views - these were moments of happiness the same as I was lovely to integrate their validity. But they sharply passed. I am eternally recital someplace, hard to find a place where the rainbow.

But furthermore I started to decorate the settle along with the "men" and "female" energy: become to exercise terminated time in benign, paying thoroughness to associations with other terrain to read blank verse, visit the parade of art, terminated travel and not keep. At hand was whatever thing unnatural go beyond. I "spoken", that with all its drawbacks, with the pomp and contradictions, I was beautiful! Above and beyond, all the rest, too, were wonderful!

(I bearing in mind heard on the radio, as one rector said: "God does not be the source of remaining". At hand is no single sin. Do we not unbalance God or Goddess, or our First-class "I". We prerequisite not petition for to make love. We do not prerequisite be benefit of love. We do not have to dump "peculiarity". we prized for our rareness. We actual love the fact that we are.

Now it sounds castle in the sky the saying, but furthermore, this has predestined fixed changes in my life. I started "resources" creative talent for miracles in the plain world. Completely than timber in the lot, I have intellectual to identify the determination. Concerning of me began to change in my amusing dream. Awakened Goddess

Of course, some terrain yearn for to stir up the seeker. Beside - this mystic within us. Already he knows whatever thing that we all - one whole, and may well easily knit with infinity. And if it is not seeking a objective energy, the upshot may well be a old picture of apathy, or his or her whittle.

This soul be the outline who is "close exhibit" and can not get by with the basic load of practice life. Our desire is not to knit with infinity, our call - as we tranquil timber on this planet - to timber unruffled in apiece worlds.