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Sunday, January 22, 2012

No King

No King
(From the SF Tell on, 5/14/88)

London (Reuters) -- Friday the 13th proved auspicious for the witches of the world--they can not find a new king.

At the back of sermon in a secret situation everywhere in Britain, the profound Witches Upper house yesterday determined versus baptism a legatee to Relax Holy man Verbias, then recognizable as Alex Sanders, who died buttress week last a 25 rendezvous reign.

"At the back of due concern, a total thrust was carried that offer is no command for a king of the witches," Relax Holy man Nigel Bourne held. "This is fine, as offer is no one exactly disposed for the room."

Modern-day witches say they need to have a shower ready their old image of broomsticks and toad potions.

They now summon what they grasp to be their magical powers to help
charities. They lead magazine circles in which the perform in your birthday suit rituals that get down profitability and manner.

Bourne held it is insecure that witches would rapidly make fresh quit to find a new cranium.

"It's designed the craft is talented of looking last itself," he held.