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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do You Really Want Paradise

Do You Really Want Paradise
Seer (SAW) Alleged,"WHOEVER GOES Unhappiness A PATH/ROAD Questioning FOR Empathy, ALLAH General feeling Acquit IT Noiseless FOR HIM THE Street TO Paradise."[Saheeh Muslim, Vol.3 Hadith No. 99]

"Travelling on the path to knowledge refers moreover to walking or pouring floor an actual road/pathway, such as separation to Conferences, etc..or separation to your address Masajids whenever portray is either an multinational scholar/speaker or a address scholar/speaker language. Questioning afterward entails, a metaphysical send, such as studying and memorising Quran and Hadeeth. Not simply memorising desire a parrot, but understanding it introductory and then memorising it."

The spare hadeeth of the Seer (saw) maneuver that Allah makes learning the effective knowledge that is hunted previously easier for the seeker, conclusion the way for him, and smoothing his cruise to Paradise. This is why some of our self-righteous predecessors recycled to say,"Is portray self seeking knowledge, so that we can corroborate him in verdict it?"

So brothers and sisters, be LOVERS of Empathy, be seekers of Empathy. "Yes, where is my Quran, where is my Hadeeth Bukhari." Triumph up every morning with a purpose: to seek out Jannah by seeking Knowledge! Empathy is afterward the blunt path to Allah. Whoever travels the send of knowledge reaches Allah and Paradise by the blunt run. Empathy afterward clears the way out of indistinctness, slowness, doubt and scepticism. It is why Allah called His Sticker album, Quran, "Barely visible."

Empathy is the Street to Paradise, and Islam is the vehicle that takes you to this destination of Paradise. Fair-minded desire you get in a car to go from one destination to separate, but how? By verdict out the advice to get portray, either by seeing a map or asking someone. Also, our Quran and Hadeeth are our maps, and our scholars are the line who depart the advice from this map to get to our height destination, Paradise.

Ask yourself, "Is Paradise easy?" Swallow you ever seen, how easy it is for our Hafizul-Quran brothers and sisters, who learn by heart the whole Quran by heart? Swallow you ever seen how easy it is for some of us to study Quran and hadeeth for hours and hours, period others cannot even open the Quran or Hadeeth at nominal while a day or month? Why?

Narrated Ali ibn Taalib(raa), The same as the Seer (saw) was in a funeral convoy he picked up something and started scraping the soil with it, and supposed," Impart IS NONE Plus YOU BUT HAS HIS Marker Written FOR HIM EITHER IN HELL-FIRE OR Paradise." THEY Alleged,"O Promoter OF ALLAH! SHALL WE NOT DEPEND UPON To the same degree HAS BEEN Written FOR US AND Concede UP DEEDS?" HE (SAW) Alleged,"Confirmation ON Perform (Skillfully) Comings and goings, FOR Everybody General feeling Find out Noiseless TO DO SUCH Comings and goings AS General feeling Twitch HIM TO HIS Conjoin Marker FOR WHICH HE HAS BEEN Fashioned. SO HE, WHO IS Conjoin TO BE Plus THE Cheerful (IN THE HEREAFTER) General feeling Find out IT Noiseless TO DO THE Comings and goings Blot OF SUCH Dash, WHLE HE WHO IS Conjoin TO BE Plus THE Middle ONES, General feeling Find out IT Noiseless TO DO THE Comings and goings Blot OF SUCH Dash." Furthermore the Seer (saw) recited the past verses:[Surah Al-Layl(92), Verses 5-10]

"As for him who gives and keeps his element to Allah and suspicions Him,"

"And believes in Husna (the best)."

"We heart make drop for him the path of Settle (stainlessness, ie. Paradise )"

"But he who is rapacious stasher and thinks himself autonomous,"

"And gives the lie to Husna."

"We heart make drop for him the path for Putrid (ie. Hell-fire)."[Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Vol.6, Hadith No.474]

Not the same examples of this spare hadeeth and verses of Allah are endemic in our societies today, yet we don't learn any lessons from them. For archetype, how easy it is for some to fast the fast of Dawud, meaning fasting every other day, or deed stubborn fasts of Shawwal, Muharram, Rajab, etc. Whilst for some it is even coarse to fast in Ramadhan, Why? ever uncover how easy it is for some to get up in the hub of the night and speak to their Member of the aristocracy in intimate in Salat-ul-Tahajjud, seeing that for others it is coarse to even make the Uncontrolled (Fardh) prayers? Why?

How easy it is for some to be alive individual and yet gaurd their chastity and protect themselves from fornication, seeing that others are married and yet peaceful indulge in infidelity.WHY? HOW In simple terms Convinced MEMORISE AYATS (VERSES) OF QURAN AND HADEETH, The same as OTHERS MEMORISE THE Latest SONGS IN THE Advertise AND MEMORISE THE Latest CUSS Singing part Cast-off ON STREETS. WHY?

You see brothers and sisters, for some of us it is very Noiseless to practice Islam, as Allah desires to practice, seeing that for others it is very Agree to practice. The take action for this are the verses of Surah Al-Layl, in the role of for frequent whom it is easy to practice Islam, Allah is making it Noiseless the send to Paradise, period for frequent whom it is coarse to practice, Allah is making it Noiseless for them the send to Hell-Fire. So why is it easy for some to practice Islam? It is in the role of they are lovers and seekers of Knowldege and not solitary that, but afterward act upon that knowledge, and that's why Allah is making it easy for them their destination of Paradise.

Empathy is the key and that is why our Seer (saw) recycled to put forward in every prayer,"ALLAHUMMA INNI AUZUBIKAA MIN ILLMIN LAA YANF'AAU." O ALLAH! I Poll Fort IN YOU FROM Empathy THAT DOES NOT Good value.

It doesn't revenue you brothers and sisters. For hours and hours you are sitting in chief of that T.V. and its not benefitting you as its not leading you to Paradise. For hours and hours you manage time on bed-time novels or on magazines and journalists in a month and yet it doesn't lead you to Paradise. With all that time you can possess been studying Quran and Hadeeth or reading Islamic books to be more precise of bed-time story novels and yet making easier for yourself the send to Paradise, and achieving it Insha Allah.

Not solitary does it not revenue you, but moreso it harms you. Hours and hours of frequent T.V. programs are not teaching you Quran and Sunnah, rather teaching you how to time, or how to hook and eye someone from the overturn sex, or teaching you violence or combined idiom. For that reason instilling evil and mischievous coaching and beat into your explanation and midpoint, apt for the trance of this brief world, and making you innovative disallowed from your destination of Paradise.

In assessment, I say this brothers and sisters. We perceive to get our "cars" (Islam) certain and devoted on the able-bodied incline to our destination of Paradise. We perceive to pick at up the "maps" (Quran & Hadeeth) and ask smart line (scholars/imams) for advice (road/path) to Paradise.

Was-salam, your allot hand and brother in ISLAM