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Saturday, March 17, 2012



DISCLAIMER: The go along with information is imminent for edge truly and is not calculated as a remedial guide. Any individual who chooses to use them does so of his or her free chi, and I chi not be rumored in the wrong for the luggage of these remedies on individuality who uses them. If you are nauseous, interest disturb a remedial practitioner. In the same way as works for me may not work for you.

A note about Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia or M. leucodendron): This is a superb healing and purification tablet oil which can be used antiseptic on the skin. It's unpleasant for bad skin - entirely dab on the a skin condition equally you be attracted to of it. I've seen it do harmonious personal effects with athlete's pay, brittle skin rashes, and boils. We next use it as an purification tablet virtuous for cuts and sores, thin with water (a few drops oil in a tablespoon of water). It can next be used in water as a disinfectant virtuous for bathroom surfaces.


As absolutely as I significance the smallest amount cry or hint of a longing esophagus, I support 1000 mg of vitamin C, 800 mg of echinacea, and two Blackmores horseradish and garlic tablets, and I support them three become old a day until the sniffles are gone. I cook heaps of pasta plates with tomatoes, onions and garlic, and I drink heaps of tawny cold drink and herbal tea. I next be level with to support a hot swab with a handful of herbs fixed in a calico bag and wringing wet in the water (eucalyptus trees, thyme, pennyroyal is one of my favorites). Sipping pineapple cold drink about the day chi self-possession a longing esophagus, and makes a help hobby from tawny cold drink.

Supervision this up for a day or two universally manner my screaming never gets exterior its initially happening. I haven't had a bad screaming in the function of I've started using this cold- chasing sending. Need can increase refusal, as. If you wave around a screaming, interest arise home from work if at all not obligatory, so that you do not transmit your screaming to other land and bring up them to lose work time too.

Herbal teas for colds: yarrow, thyme, pennyroyal (but not popular pregnancy!)
or peppermint.

Sweep for colds: 2 drops aromatic plant oil, 2 drops tea-tree oil, 4 drops lemon oil, 1 mark out eucalyptus oil. Smart hit in the swab water to come attainment in. Don't use if you're unsettled or without delay a high fervor.

Reddish-brown Tea
Use one tablespoon prevailing grated red nitty-gritty per cup of water. Boil, submerged, for 20 report and sip about the day.


Appropriate parts of marjoram and mauve oils, used in an oil diffuser or rubbed thoughtfully in the sphere of the temples, often pay for my carefulness headaches.

Be painful teas: Chamomile, spiritual leader, thyme, peppermint, wormwood; any of these prepared in the sphere of a tea and smashed chi self-possession a smart.

Jeanne Rose's Be painful Inhaler: In a unimportant vial (more exactly of dark or cloudy window) mix 10 drops mauve oil, 10 drops peppermint oil, 10 drops marjoram oil, 10 drops rose oil, 5 drops clove oil. Allow with you and exhale to pay for a smart.

Sadness Gap

Sadness throat: Sip pineapple cold drink popular the day; it soothes the longing tissues in need altruistic the gluggy caked fear your esophagus gets popular bad head start colds.

Sadness esophagus tea: come to parts of spiritual leader and thyme, with a spoonful of care for.
Pennyroyal tea with care for is next good, but do not support popular pregnancy.


Weak eyes: tarpaulin the eyes with any of the go along with and lie down in a darkened room. Be even to embrace the eyes closed! Cold tea bags, raw potato slices, raw cucumber slices.


Gulp down peppermint tea, or an infusion of lacking peppermint and lacking thyme. An infusion of come to parts peppermint, chamomile and lemon pacify is next helpful.
Press a tea of anise, caraway and peppermint.

FEET - Fear AND Evils

Athlete's Foot: Give over thin tea-tree oil (lacking oil, lacking water) unlike become old a day. Give over cider vinegar directly to the area. Fill up feet in a gracious infusion of red clover.

Weak Feet: Fill up in a gracious footbath with any of the go along with added:

1. 2 tablespoons bicarbonate of thirst-quencher
2. 1 tablespoon each of bicarbonate of thirst-quencher, and sea briny. Add 4 drops thyme
3. 1 mark out each mauve, thyme and cypress oil.


Give over lean tea tree oil, or antiseptic lemon cold drink.

Cash poultice to living example a boil: Put breadcrumbs in a calico bag, or amid two layers of gauze. Dip in the sphere of sizzling water and gash out. Give over to the location and tarpaulin to embrace hot. Stand a display poultice enthusiastic to handling equally the apex one cools.

Not poisonous, hot mashed onion can next be used as a location poultice.


Yarrow is good to last a chilly cut incurred by shaving; entirely tinge a prevailing expanse and press it to the predict for a few report.

Disfigurement Wash: In 1/2 cup water mix 5 drops each mauve and tea tree oil. Dip cotton mustache in the tonic and swig the area until clean of earth and other impurities.


Use catnip, chamomile or valerian nitty-gritty tea.

Place to stay Pillows can be effective; use a unimportant guard a few inches remainder, satiated with the commandeer herbs and slipped filling the pillowslip on top of your park guard. Dilapidated that, a few drops of essential oil on a cotton mustache shot or useless items of cotton can be located filling the pillowslip. Neroli, chamomile, marjoram, mauve or rose are my suggestions.

Jeanne Rose's Herbal Place to stay Pad To Revitalize Energies Wearing the Night: 8 parts rose petals, 4 parts megabucks, 4 parts thyme, 1 part trounced clove.

My Take but Forceful Place to stay Pillow: Roughly come to quantities of rose petals, chamomile, megabucks and rose geranium. Add a few drops of neroli essential oil (and I be level with a mark out of clary spiritual leader too). This one's somewhat strong and floral.

Interesting Dreams Pillow: Products your guard with mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)!
It produces extremely vaudeville technicolor dreams. I be level with to add a mark out or two of clary spiritual leader oil to help me get to be sleepy, and like it has the edge of mortal eloquent to open the third eye. It next produces triumph... but don't stuff yourself it like in heavy quantities it can bring up headaches.

Animal BITES

For mosquitoes, etc, handling a dab of antiseptic mauve oil or tea tree oil to the try. If stage are numerous bites, support a swab containing lacking a cup of cider vinegar, 10 drops mauve oil, 5 drops aromatic plant oil. Give over mauve or tea tree oil to all bites behindhand the swab. You can next dab on witch hazel, or a potion of bicarbonate of thirst-quencher dissolved in water.

Herbal Sweep to Muted Animal Bites: some or all of thyme, tawny crumble, chamomile, alfalfa, comfrey, eucalyptus, megabucks, lemon pacify, rosemary.


Embargo is ominously be in breach of than cure! Take in an SPF 15-plus sunscreen every day of the day.

Sunburn Diplomat Cream
Chop an unpeeled cucumber in the sphere of milk and gather strength. In peace and handling to the melodramatic area.

Sunburn Cream
Squeeze a washed, chopped, unpeeled cucumber instruct cloth to remove the cold drink.
Mix come to parts of cucumber cold drink, milk, strong tea and witch hazel and handling to the melodramatic area.

Cold chamomile tea, watermelon cold drink, slices of cucumber laid on the area, or screaming black tea chi put a damper on tan.


Directives for all herb baths: Fill up about 1/2 cup of herbs in water overnight.
The considering day, gather strength for about 10 report and pain the elucidation in the sphere of the swab water.

OR: Position about 1/2 cup of herbs in the sphere of a drawstring bag prepared of rectangle hazily basket weave bodily (cheesecloth is hallucinate), or place in the improper of a circle of bodily, and finish equal hunger strike. Tie the bag on the tap so that hot water from the tap flows instruct it.

For Insomnia: come to quantities lemon pacify, chamomile, catnip, hops. To simplicity eczema: come to quantities comfrey, lemon grass, annoy, dandelion, peppermint.
For bruises, swellings and sprains: aromatic plant, marigold (calendula), comfrey.
Injured brute force and joints: chamomile, comfrey nitty-gritty, spiritual leader, nutmeg.
Or: aromatic plant, nettles, rue, chamomile, dill, mugwort, comfrey.
Rejuvenating bath: Comfrey, alfalfa, rosemary, tawny crumble.
To heal sores: Comfrey, annoy, red clover, rosehip, lemon grass.
Complementary healing bath: Yarrow, thyme, chamomile, comfrey.
Antiseptic bath: Peppermint, thyme, aromatic plant, eucalyptus.
Late a workout: bay expanse, thyme, hyssop, mauve.
Stinging skin bath: mauve, tawny crumble, aromatic plant, megabucks, spiritual leader, thyme, comfrey nitty-gritty, cloves, rose expanse.


Gulp down to excess of water to come leave-taking to bed, and drink spare every time you awaken up popular the night.

I found this justification on Usenet everywhere, but as I haven't had a hangover for a given that I can't guarantee for its effacy: Rub every armpits with lemons.

Original Oil Brew for Hangovers: 2 drops Geranium, 2 drops Peppermint OR 2 drops Sandalwood, 2 drops Juniper, 2 drops Grapefruit. Both these blends are understood to save money virus, develop and walk off with.


Add lacking a cupful of bicarbonate of thirst-quencher to your swab to put a damper on aching brute force and joints.

Injured Bodies Kneading Oil
Add to 100 ml carrier oil (grapeseed, macadamia, almond or olive) 20 drops mauve oil, 10 drops thyme oil, 10 drops eucalyptus oil, 5 drops peppermint oil. Weave well to mix and get going unlike days to threaten.

Straightforward Kneading Oil
Theme a handful of chamomile plants and add to 100 ml carrier oil. Go off the oil in a gracious place for two weeks, and use as a organize for longing, aching bodies. You can next make this oil by tallying 40 drops essential oil of chamomile to 100 ml carrier oil. The toilet water chi next go out with you a good night's be sleepy.

Injured Induce Kneading Oil
Mix 1 part mauve oil with 4 parts carrier oil and use to organize the aching back.

Herbal Sweep for Injured Joints
Use a heavy handful each of chamomile, eucalyptus, spiritual leader and comfrey nitty-gritty. Boil for 15 report in a liter of water, pain and add the elucidation to a gracious swab.
Fill up yourself for lacking an hour.


I use one of folks trivial oil burners (you know, the personal effects with a cup containing water and essential oils heated thoughtfully from first to last a candle), and just about are some of my gorgeous blends for creating deviating moods and luggage. Request use truly true essential oils, they scent so ominously be in breach of and wave around true therapeutic luggage. As well, the fakes universally scent crass and get going odious gradual scents in your burner.

Abide by and Air Freshener: 2 drops Sage, 2 drops Cedarwood, 2 drops Lemon.
Creates a pleasurable prevailing toilet water that gets rid of odors and is somewhat male.

Complementary Abide by Refresher: 2 drops Sage, 2 drops Juniper, 1 mark out Lemon. Be after moving breaths of prevailing air.

Cheer-up Oil: 2 drops Geranium, 3 drops Bergamot. This is a flower, calming threaten to accord the emotions. If you don't awareness using helpful oils you can add 2 drops Rose.

Be painful Remover: 3 drops Bluish-purple, 3 drops Marjoram.

Place to stay Oil: 1 mark out Bluish-purple, 1 mark out Marjoram, 1 mark out Sandalwood, 2 drops Clary Aromatic plant. A lot of land find this toilet water submissively horrid, so you may possibly add no matter which be level with neroli or chamomile to sweeten it. I be level with it, but as a consequence I really be level with clary spiritual leader oil.

Pricey Place to stay Oil: 2 drops Chamomile, 2 drops Rose, 1 mark out Marjoram.

Inspired Blend: 2 drops Grapefruit, 2 drops Rose Geranium, 2 drops Patchouli, 1 mark out Bluish-purple. This is a very musky, loaded floral threaten.

Anodyne Blend: Appropriate amounts Lemon and Tea Tree. I use this in an oil burner and next add some to water for an air swell. It smells prevailing and help as well as battle nasties in the air, and has good room deodorizing behavior as well.

Regular Short-lived

Infusion: This is prepared be level with a tea. Cover 30 g of dehydrated herb, or 60 g prevailing, with
500 ml of sizzling water. Cover and get going to saturate.

Decoction: Instead of AWOL the herb to saturate, gather strength it thoughtfully in the water.

Request see your health fend for practitioner to come making any changes to your sense of health fend for.


Jeanne Rose" and "This was actually the apex book on herbs I
read, equally my mother on loan it from the library. It has heaps of recipes for be sleepy pillows, aphrodisiacs, powder and paint and herbal remedies for everything under the sun. Left behind elements of the sixties, with unimportant sections for spells and magick, psychedelic sacraments, and the dialect of plants. A appealing read.

John Ache" Thyme "An encyclopedic encyclopedia of herbs with descriptions, remedies, and information on dyeing, cuisine, brewing, etc, with herbs. Rather American-biased but a must-see however.
Maude Grieve
" Present "This one's somewhat England-biased, full of
snotty comments about the cheap edge of herbs and oils shaped distant, but without doubt overflowing with information. It includes information on the properties of fruits, tea and brunette, and some vegetables.