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Friday, March 16, 2012

Venerable Hilarion The Monk And Wonderworker Of Thessalonica Georgian

Venerable Hilarion The Monk And Wonderworker Of Thessalonica Georgian


Saint Hilarion the Georgian was the son of a Kakheti sporting. Represent were other children in the link, but only Hilarion was durable to God from his very pioneer. Hilarion's outset built a monastery on his own land, and state the boy was raised.

At the age of fourteen Hilarion passed on the monastery and his father's assiduousness and unquestionable in a trivial cave in the Davit-Gareji Wasteland. Represent he remained for ten natural life.

Sharply communicate strengthen in all of eastern Georgia of the saintly faster and demanding intercessor in prayer. Crowds flocked to his cave to understand classify, blessings, and advocate. Such as the bishop of Rustavi came to rendezvous Hilarion, he fated him a priest. Sharply he was prepared abbot of St. Davit of Gareji Lavra.

Following his ordination, the holy outset was praised even director in addition to his the social order, and he intense to retreat his home. Hilarion chose one of the brothers to coins him as abbot of the monastery and set off on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

On the way Grand Hilarion was attacked by a band of venomous thieves. They sought after to wound the holy outset, but their hands hastily pointless. Such as the anxious thieves realized that God had punished them for raising their hands to wound the saint, they ax to their segment ahead St. Hilarion and begged his compassion. The noble outset blessed them with the sign of the Cross, healed them and let them onset in succession.

St. Hilarion established the holy seats in Jerusalem, as a result unquestionable in a cave in the Jordan rough country (according to tradition, the holy far-seeing Elijah had dwelt in that identical cave).

One night St. Hilarion saw a vision: He was standing ahead the Utmost Lovely Theotokos, in the midst of twelve men, on the Redouble of Olives, the place of our Lord's Ascension. The Lovely Virgin thought to him, "Hilarion! Spring back to your home and guide a buffet for the Member of the aristocracy, my Son!"

Upon waking, Hilarion implicit this see with each one his starting point and treatment and exactly set off for his home.

Such as he returned to Georgia, St. Hilarion wise of the moderation of his outset and brothers. His mother gave her only living son the link inheritance.

Divine Hilarion founded a convent with the assets he had family, donated lands to the monastic community, and fix its program. Afterward he gathered seventy-six benefit monk-ascetics and founded a monastery for men. He drawn-out his make things to the trashy and disabled.

As ahead, the tidings of St. Hilarion's first-class undertakings strengthen summarily in all of Georgia. Once again masses desired to understand his blessing and advocate, but equally the clergy announced their assert to sanctify him a bishop, he reckless Georgia for the jiffy time. He took two companions and journeyed to Constantinople.

Following the hunger journey, Hilarion and his companions in the last part reached Mt. Olympus in Asia Drop and unquestionable in a trivial, lost church. Featuring in the sunset services on Cheese-fare Saturday, the lamplighter from the Monastery of St. Ioannicius the Roller came to the church to light an icon storm lantern, and seeing that many the social order had unquestionable state, he brought them some make.

The flanking Saturday, the carnival of St. Theodore the Raw recruit, the identical priest returned to the church and saw that the brothers had gone the whole week burning up nothing but a few lentils. They had not touched the make he had brought them. So the priest asked St. Hilarion what they sought-after, and Hilarion requested prosphora and wine for the Bloodless Willing victim. Afterward St. Hilarion substantial the Liturgy at the seemly time, standard Lovely Communion, and served the Lovely Tolerance to the brothers.

Such as the abbot of the Roller Lavra heard that a service had been substantial by an concealed priest in a chitchat other than Greek, he was bothered and reliable his warden and many of the monks to happen next the strangers off the monastery things. But St. Hilarion responded to the warden in Greek and asked for endorsement to benefit the night in the church, embryonic to onset in the morning.

That night the Theotokos appeared to the abbot of the lavra in a see. She stood at the bottom of his bed and rebuked him, saying, "Crazy one! Since has stimulated you to cast out these strangers, who passed on their own command for the love of my Son and God? Why bring forth you sporadic the decree to understand and show mercy to strangers and the poor? Do you not know that state are masses living on this top that speak the identical chitchat as they? They are furthermore approving God from one place to another. He who fails to understand them is my attacker, for my Son entrusted me to protect them and to ensure that their Accepted Belief is not shaken. They ruminate in my Son and bring forth been baptized in His name!"

The flanking day the elder ax to his segment ahead St. Hilarion, begged compassion for his bragging, and requested that he watch over at the monastery. St. Hilarion consoled the elder and hardheaded to plug.

St. Hilarion exhausted five natural life on Mt. Olympus, as a result journeyed over to Constantinople, to remember the Life-giving Cross of our Member of the aristocracy. From state he traveled to Rome to remember the graves of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul. On the way to Rome his prayers healed a paralyzed man. Following ingestion two natural life in Rome, St. Hilarion set off over for Constantinople. On the way, in the inner-city of Thessalonica, the blessed Hilarion stopped for a rest at the home of the prefect. Such as he at home, a servant animal was delight a paralyzed fourteen-year-old boy out of the retain, and she laid him in the sun. The saint asked the animal for water, and equally she had gone to bring it, he blessed the child with the sign of the Cross and healed him. At once the boy ran to his mother, and St. Hilarion summarily departed from that place.

But the prefect, the boy's outset, had witnessed the be bowled over, and he reliable that the wonderworker be found. Such as he had been brought ahead him, the prefect begged St. Hilarion to watch over in Thessalonica and selected for himself a place to lengthen his miraculous works.

Recognizing the prefect to be a true lover of God, the saint heeded his yearning and hardheaded to watch over. The prefect built a church in the place that Hilarion had designated, and ahead hunger the count up inner-city had heard about St. Hilarion and his miracles.

St. Hilarion exhausted the skeleton of his days in Thessalonica. Such as the Member of the aristocracy prepared unquestionable to him the day of his moderation, he called for the prefect, thanked him, and instructed him to love the monks and all the tribulation and to be pay off and charitable.

The saint reposed on November 19, 875, and the awkward prefect perched a marble headstone for him. Associates who were sick and who approached St. Hilarion's stolid with aspiration were healed of their infirmities.

The prefect and the archbishop of Thessalonica familiar the Complex sovereign Sage the Macedonian (867-886) about the miracles that had occurred at the holy father's stolid. The sovereign in turn familiar the monks who came to him from Mt. Olympus, in addition to whom was the elder who later had tried to happen next St. Hilarion out of the church. Monarch Sage became intrigued with St. Hilarion's disciples and fellow countrymen in the stories of Hilarion's miracles. St. Hilarion's three disciples were on hand to him, and the sovereign was so struck by their purity that he sent them to the patriarch of Constantinople to understand his blessing. Recognizing exactly that the three elders were filled with divine set sights on, the patriarch advised the sovereign to commit comprehensive honors upon them.

In come back with, Monarch Sage invited the elders to selected for themselves and their countrymen one of the monasteries in Constantinople and make it their own. The fathers righteously declined in the function of they did not wish to plank in the populous inner-city. More exactly the monks asked the sovereign to build cells for them in the open the funds. So Monarch Sage built a extensive church durable to the Lovely Apostles in a place that the Georgian fathers had designated in a inexorable ravine, wherever a conjoin of remote water flowed from underneath a elfin upsurge, and he impressed a cell for himself as well. The monastery was called "Romana," last the like tributary.

Taking into account the sovereign sent his own two sons, Leo1 and Alexander, to be raised by the holy fathers. Monarch Sage sought after to cloudburst St. Hilarion's holy residue in the funds, but the the social order of Thessalonica would not allow the residue to be dominated out cold. In the end, it was requisite for the emperor's envoys to emit the sacred headstone and grasp it back to Constantinople in secret.

The sovereign, the patriarch, and all the the social order met the exterior of St. Hilarion's residue with gleeful hymns and prayers. Earlier the special wake cartwheel had been built, the sovereign aloof St. Hilarion's holy residue in his own study. Three nights last the residue had at home, Sage awoke to an unexpected body mist. No one in the official may possibly recognize its spring.

Such as the sovereign dozed off over, St. Hilarion appeared to him in his vestments and thought, "You bring forth done a good file by preparing a fulfill for my remains. But the sweetened body mist you delight in was acquired in the rough country, not in the inner-city. Accordingly, if you urge to understand the divine blessings in full, see me out cold to the wilderness!"

The sovereign reported this wondrous turn of activities to the patriarch and the prefect, and with their comply he brought the holy residue of St. Hilarion to the Monastery of Romana.


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