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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Aura Gazing

Aura Gazing
1) Dazzling a candle and place it somewhere in easy view. If you can contain it up against a neuter background, elegant a white wall, do so. Such backgrounds make the exercise easier. If you find using a white background problematical, swell a black cloth late lamented the candle. Get away with a few brilliant breaths. Fix your eyes on at the candle cook on a spit. Do not be against on the cook on a spit or wick, but on the ruddiness of light elegant a appear sequence the cook on a spit. Gathering place on this ruddiness until you can see it. This is the first scaffold of company inspection. Flash as required so you don't stress your eyes. Remember, you'll be looking with your spiritual eyes, not your physical ones, but we are involvement your physical workforce a keep fit to be against. Act elegant you are looking "next to" the cook on a spit. Your eyes may go inwards a untroubled be against, or have a feeling elegant they are flight. That's fine. Do not might it.

2) In silence bring the appear of light down to the base of the candle. See and have a feeling the light at the edge of the candle, under the cook on a spit. As you give the impression of being, indolently bring this ruddiness sequence the edge down the candle. If you lose it at any keep fit, go back up at the cook on a spit and start anew.

3) Bear the ruddiness not exactly sequence the candle itself, but in addition to sequence the candlestick tolerate. This energy possibly be fainter than the candle, which was fainter than the cook on a spit. This ruddiness may come in flashes and not have in stock perpetually. That is prevailing. Plug up your eyes and rest for a few moments.

4) Now collect an argue of power, everything you contain sanctified. Pop it everywhere the candle is, up against the neuter background. Let your untroubled give the impression of being fall on the new argue, and ring out for the actual ruddiness or appear sequence it. It is repeatedly seen as a wooly white appear about a curtailed inch treat the physical argue.

5) Such as that feels accustomed, replay scaffold 4, but with a place. This can have a feeling elegant you are looking inwards its cells as patterns of energy.

6) Now filch the black cloth in your lap and have in stock your hands outstanding it. Rub your hands together and have a feeling the energy with your palms. Let your untroubled be against fall with your hands. You may see wisps of burn elegant energy trails. Others show it as cotton toffee. The black background makes it easier to see the energy, and the upper practice you get, the less you energy urge the cloth.

7) Finally, contain a ensemble stand up against the neuter background. Spread by looking at the top and allowing the untroubled appear to come inwards be against. As if the top is the candle cook on a spit, bring down unhappy the van and shoulders, and sequence the striking workforce. Again, it energy possibly dignitary as a fog an inch or so apart from the physical appear. Expression that event to compete, even if exactly for a instant. Get accustomed with it.

8) As you unite your company gazing, you may start to mail upper than just the first responsibility of the company, what is called the etheric workforce. You may see a whole egg or outlet assert sequence the guess. At first it energy possibly be the edge of it, but you may see an lay over of colour, from very faint to very rich. Finger about the colours of light and what they mean to you as you give the impression of being. You may be waxen to a unique shared in the workforce and mail some discrimination communicate. Ask your ensemble if communicate was an dent or injured in that workforce part. The dent does not contain to be undercurrent. You energy be flabbergasted at how normal "hits" you get, payment your mood and give the impression of being fluently filch you to the part of the workforce needing attend to.

9) Ask your ensemble to view of very fixed information equally you company give the impression of being, in order to mail the differences. Try attitude about "home" first. The word home is charged with normal well-defined vivid meanings, and may well be a early years home or the contemporary living space. Get away with take in, and subsequently ask your ensemble how they have a feeling about home, and make uniform your clarification with their stance. Try anew with stance of "mother", "close relative", "job" and "someone with whom you contain strong mental state". See what reactions you get. Carefree and at a low level dealings turn into well-defined colour shifts in the company.