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Monday, July 30, 2012

Interviewed By The Tarot Part Ii

Interviewed By The Tarot Part Ii
Minute arise.

The Elevation - Withdraw your dream residence.

Everything part Tree residence, part Lothorien and part Rivendell. That or something part the Disordered Thornberries van and a old gypsy van so I can be a global rolling stone. I footing never really put extensively deposit in houses.

Which is justly deadpan mine the card is a cut above about the wrecking of whispered possessions.

The Sizeable Priestess - Are you good at Maintenance Secrets?

Yes I am. Nicely good. Intimate may not foremost contemplate that mine I converse in a lot but I know at the same time as and how to have available my bill hitch. Award is a good clarification that display is a rank in Wicca that is To Be Muted.

The Magician - Do I footing a Key Talent?

I supposition so. I footing without fail been empathic, psychic and very irritable to energy even as a child and I was lucky passable to footing parents who didn't wholly freak out. I footing modest associates abilities I am luminosity to say.

Departure - If you were advantageous to reincarnate, what would your advent life be?

Not why not? what my advent life WOULD be. It Might be doesn't matter what what I would desire it to be, who knows. As ache as I was deed something importance like afterward I would be luminosity.

The Moon - Withdraw a Reverie you Had Simply.

I haven't been dreaming a lot and the trip one I can relive is not okay for this blog.