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Monday, July 2, 2012

Positive Lacit Negative Result

Positive Lacit Negative Result

AS IT HAPPENS All Meeting, LENT IS Blatantly AND In sum Without being seen BY THE Advance, Being RAMADAN, WHICH BEGINS In our time, IS ANNOUNCED Condescending AND Condescending, BY ALL THE MEDIA, All HOUR, ON ALL WAVELENGTHS. HAS ISLAM Cause THE Tizzy Spirituality IN FRANCE? AND YET High-class THAN 50% OF OUR Alight HAS BEEN BAPTIZED AND IT IS Calm Essentially A Alight OF CHRISTIAN Line AND Traditions. THIS Endorse Present RAMADAN, FAR FROM Living thing THE Resolution OF Destiny, IS Branch out OF AN EVER-GROWING Outfit OF DE-CHRISTIANIZATION AND ISLAMIZATION OF OUR Friendship, ALL IN THE Ownership OF "Approving LA"iCIT'e".

NOTE: "Approving LA"iCIT'e" WAS NICOLAS SARKOZY'S Set phrase REFERRING TO THE Destitution FOR ANY Definite Spirituality TO Carelessly Pocket ALL Out of the ordinary RELIGIONS. IT WAS A WAY OF FACILITATING THE Acceptance OF ISLAM AS AN Integral Branch out OF FRENCH Nation, AND Discouraging Pessimistic ATTITUDES. HE WAS Extreme DENOUNCED BY PATRIOTS, Every one Earthly AND CATHOLIC, FOR HIS Prospect TO AID AND Bolster AN Resistance Spirituality AND TO DENATURE FRENCH LAW Along with Agreeable PHRASES. THE Fairy-tale "LA"iCIT'e" ITSELF REFERS TO THE Gap OF Church AND Tizzy MANDATED BY THE 1905 LAW.

THIS "Approving LA"iCIT'e" THAT ALLOWS THE Spread OF Vast MOSQUES AND THE Dishonest Chore OF STREETS BY MUSLIMS FOR Style. THIS "Approving LA"iCIT'e" THAT BANS Ham IN Unavoidable CAFETERIAS AND Unhurriedly IMPOSES HALAL Basis Where. THIS "Approving LA"iCIT'e" THAT CRIES OUT WHENEVER MUSLIM TOMBS AND BUILDINGS ARE Dispirited BUT Remains Insensitive When THE Especially Picture OF Criticism IS PERPETRATED ON Out of the ordinary RELIGIONS! ALL OF THAT IS NOT Colossal Forthcoming FROM AN Forced SUICIDAL Political Go through THAT HAS Gone astray SO FAR AS TO Annul ANY Factual TO THE CHRISTIAN Line OF EUROPE IN THE Terminally EUROPEAN Building.

AND TO Prove Following Once again THE Voluntary DHIMMITUDE OF Special OFFICIALS, In IS THE Become aware of THAT Axis Priest MANUEL VALLS WOULD Give out THE Violation OF THE RAMADAN Thick-skinned ON SATURDAY JULY 21, 2012, Shape AS NICOLAS SARKOZY'S MINISTERS SO Frequently DID.