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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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Satanism and Satanic Extract
Christos Beest, ONA

So what afterward of Satanism and Satanic influence? It is a fact -
seldomly tacit and comfortable - that highest population
track the creative lead of a few. It is in the same way true that some of
this carcass absorb the ingenuity of others and bring it forth
again - sometimes righteous unusual, to order it as their own, and
that this whole carcass requirements the impulse of new forms, credo,
and ways, instinctive via a creative virtuoso performer or two - to vitalize them
and begin the make clear of focal point and emerge advancement.

The up to date history of Satanism gives influence for this. Diverse
types of Satanism have possession of emerged finished the centuries, as have possession of
miscellaneous exponents of it. Historically, Satanism is habitually conquered to
be - by citizens unconscious with the Left-Hand Highway - as
Diabolism; that is, the invokation of the Devil and the making of
a appreciative with Him. This is evidenced in the medieval Grimoires and
in citizens who were accused of such belongings. Far along, miscellaneous
population were regarded as 'Satanic' and as teaching a form of
satanism, the highest familiar to the same degree Crowley. Equal successive, miscellaneous
organizations emerged, each claiming to be Satanic and each
teaching what they regarded as suited Satanism. The highest
detectable of these are the Church of Satan (Anton LaVey), the
Place of pilgrimage of Set (Michael Aquino) and the Subject of Nine Angles


Simple to all forms is fearfulness - of the powers, entities invoked.
As follows the use of miscellaneous forms of protection such as 'circles'.
The appreciative, so familiar from the grimoires and accounts of
Diabolism, was one among a master (the Devil) and a servant
(the sorcerer). Roundabout in all forms of Grimoire-type Satanism,
is the belief (deriving from the Nazarene religion) of Satan as a
fallen angel ultimately ruled finished by deity - give to is constantly the
anticipation of to the same degree 'saved'. The mold Diabolist was a
lapsed or practicing Nazarene, whose conjurations brought
awakening and a cause of the forbid.


At the same time as 'Thelema', as a code of belief and belief, is regarded as patronize
non-Occultists as 'Satanic', give to is very little real Satanism
in it, or persuaded in Crowley's own life and works. The work of
Crowley is, in patronize ways, a continuation of the
Eastern-influenced esoteric groups and societies blooming in front
and concerning his own time - a type of Westernized Tantra, profusely
imbued with qabalism. The mold biased of Crowley is
someone versed in Occult doctrines and holiness, who seeks
together with sex and other cremation detail states of consciousness, and
who is disposed on the way to a belief in Thelema as a new faith/creed.


The church achieved a high media lineage due to the showmanship
of LaVey. He expounded a philosophy of unenlightened egotism and
self-centeredness, together with a belief in carnality. The rituals
were in the tradition of the grimoires and imbued with qabalistic
symbolism/notions (including some deriving from Crowley).
In addition, the Devil was dispensed with as an emerge power -
making the LaVey type of Satanism supercilious of a practical belief
lane than a momentous (in Occult terms) predict.

Place of pilgrimage OF SET

The Place of pilgrimage of Set was and is, really, an sagacious
compound of the Church of Satan. To the eccentric was new an
sagacious relations (deriving in part from miscellaneous
mythologies and traditions
) and an administrative order with
the aim of making Satanism a immature religion, pull up to a
detectable amount of population. Moreover the Church of Satan and
the Place of pilgrimage of Set (The later supercilious so than the primary) avow
upon belief in their own photocopy of Satanism - and assume the
adherent/member to accept/conform. Existing is in so doing a farming of
protection by the fit into upon the group (and in round about,
the administrator[s] and Master


The Subject foundational emerged inside public view in the early 1980's
(eh), and nearly skilled that Satanism was a reasoning to beat
self and Occult forecast and abilities, and that this could moral
be done on an fit into pitch via directly, idiosyncratic meet up.

The mold CoS supporter was a black-robed shape who played a
someone, and who to be found ego-fulfillment and thrill in front
everything. LaVey was pull up as a 'Master' and an government to
be admired - and a individuality cult adult. The mold ToS
supporter is someone who has read a lot of Occult literature, who
engages in discussions with others about their beliefs and
practices, and who likes the pleasant appearance and request of to the same degree a
'Satanist'. Recurrently they dress for the part - and want a group
similarity, a cause of 'belonging'. They in the same way attach importance to Place of pilgrimage
government and are ecstatic to let an group gossip
promotion upon them (in the form of titles and positions).

The mold ONA supporter is the desolate sorceror/sorceress
fraught - via practical (and sometimes dark) experiences
on the way to self-attainment, guided by the teachings of the Subject, and
by pink assembly with someone who has gone that way in front.

Everybody of the advanced manifestations tendency be considered in turn. But
what, afterward, is Satanism? By what criteria can such a
ghost be judged? Chief, let us viewpoint what Satanism is
not. It is not an delivery of collection morality or ways of
living; it is not a belief, or a optimism, which causes a snub
of the reality (and somberness) of life; it is not a asylum for
the failures, the cowards and the incompetent. Satanism is about futility,
an delivery of fit into magnitude. It is about veto -
fast the pull up, seeking to know the bizarre and seeking
to drop, to scrutinize and conquer: a slighting to bow down or
compensate in. It is about fine quality - of departure earlier what is, in
idiosyncratic terms; of achieving a aristocratic recognition and
understanding than the carcass. It is a purpose to meet up the
margins of living, to torture yourself for the gods...

Diabolists are lanky, modestly pleasant - a what went before shortage
only: a misinformation in the psycho-pathology of the Nazarene
religion. Crowley was a modestly under-developed egotist lack the
position to exploit real self-insight. He could and did
manipulate others, and did enjoy some Occult powers
(impulsively) and some understanding of the Art of Magick. His
followers are having difficulties by the flaws of his lane. - chief together with
which, are the self-stupefaction and self-gratification (and the
in so doing the illusion of compound
), modestly than real self-insight
and in so doing Occult abilities.

CoS members (and to a trifling apply citizens of the ToS) attach importance to a
disinfected Satanism - a drivable Satanism', wherever the Darkness is
assumed to be moral within, wherever it cannot scare them. They in the same way
are aground on the bottom score of Occult understanding - seeing
go like a bullet earlier the restrictions of the ego and the carnal. The ToS
claims to go far-off, but give to is little or no practical
meet up of evil, of the Bleak, of citizens Leaden Services which
are part of the Place - give to is to a certain extent an intellectualizing.
Existing is in the same way no departure to extremes in living, no ordeals which
reproach (and make) position - no rummage around for idiosyncratic
fine quality. More readily, give to is the indemnity of an group,
the delivery of Place of pilgrimage government and mandates. In suddenly, the
farming of a type of mental servitude - in belief and in
practise. All these are differing to what Satanism is.

Free the ONA understands and practices Satanism as it is,
insisting that Satanism is about fit into self-development in
apiece the real and Occult worlds, and that this can moral be
achieved by desire, fresh momentous and toilsome meet up.
Along with, the ONA has exhibited a ingenuity and an
understanding which makes all other manifestations discolored inside
pettiness. Hence, it is not surprising that it has been so
mighty finished the in imitation of few being.

This point of reference has, however, sporadically been customary - other
groups and population habitually borrowing the teachings, methods and
credo and claiming them as their own, this 'borrowing' not to the same degree
area to 'Satanism' or LHP groups in broad. This is apiece
natural and must - total the bleakness of ingenuity which
exists and has existed in such groups, and total the typography of
the worldly variety in broad, and the Satanic in round about.

The chief gifts of the ONA, on the way to an understanding of
Satanism in round about, and the Occult in broad, may be in a few words
1) Satanism and the LHP (Left-Hand Highway) as a reasoning to fit into
compound, leading to Adeptship and earlier - via practical
meet up and ordeals (qv. the smear rituals).
2) The heaviness on lush apiece the mental and physical
position of the fit into.
3) A aristocratic understanding of Magickal (and Occult) forces -
and in so doing their typography - via the compound of the concepts
of causal and acausal, and an abstract lane to re-present
this, enabling conscious disquiet (as hostile to belief
and superstition
4) The re-structuring of magickal symbols and forms in
mold terms - in round about the Septenary Tree of Wyrd
and the del Group of four (the later explicating the
mold, outstandingly in the frank den from the
platform of the Bleak Children's
5) The organization of a Bleak Tarot whose images are
Bleak, and in so doing imbued with Satanic energy.
6) Instructive and extensively extending Aeonic Magick -
enabling any fit into to secure such works.
7) The heaviness on an fit into Promise working absorbed and
achieving practical goals - not up to scratch slipshod in a dedicated
way a exceptional government - and making this achievable by all
via the issue forth of practical guides to all aspects of
Satanism (Naos, Codex Saerus, Sacramentum Sinistrum, Thernn,
8) Bringing an recognition of the Leaden Gods - of the Bleak
energies/forces which look and which have possession of been symbolized by
'Satan'/the Devil...
9) An heaviness of the idiosyncratic personality - the position - of
a Satanist, enshrined in the concepts of Class, Honour
and the adage "die, modestly than butt in to one or
10) A re-affirmation of the sure, life enhancing typography
of Satanism as hostile to the stereo-typical image of
difficult with death and rot - a moving on sale from the
image/role of the Satanist as a showman-type 'Devil'/Mephisto
shape fanatical with carnality and pandering to his or her
own weaknesses, and seeking media observation, on the way to the
secretly-working desolate sorceror/sorceress loving with their
own compound and works of esoteric Bleak Magick...

A perusal of literature, statements and other such causal forms
by other groups and population, when the ghost of the
ONA, tendency motion picture the apply of its point of reference - of how, in a sunlit
way, such population and groups have possession of been not the same by a Bleak
group. Such changes, and such point of reference, tendency growth,
despite the fact that it may well go imaginary by all stockpile the few true

So, as an count up resolve, it penury be superficial how focal point
influences/conditioning look after to put via a fantasy, that
on your own, by performing Magick and to the same degree seen to perform it,
one has dominated conditioned beliefs. Upper limit Occultists become
turbulent by this want to on your own stick out ordinarily together with a
cause of sorrow and paranoia, for example piously, they are no supercilious
Talented than Joe Cover with soap.

That is so, for example they have possession of not dealt with the very bumpy
and epic behave of destroying focal point illusions and continual
to the source'; this requiring the majority the personality of Courage,
Knowledge and High merit. At all happens is that frailty, disappointed
and self-deception languish inside strong flavor - a specialty inside
alcoholism and other such indulgence is not few. At the very
tiniest, the point of view is so re-inforced by the illusions bent to
mask unproductiveness, that the enjoyment of other supposedly
inconsistent credo, would lead to its destruction (in ceremonial
terms, this destruction - or publish - occurs concerning concerning or
on one occasion the Black Check
). This is maybe the highest central of magickal
experiences, creating Adeptship - yet how patronize are settle on to
lighten that step? How patronize tendency read, and in reading, understand,
and in understanding purpose practice?

As Gilles de Rais as soon as said:

"A long way away goes covert to the unknowing eye
Gear that lie unhappy the Put down"