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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Astral Astral Attacks And Protection

Astral Astral Attacks And Protection

Astrophysical astral ATTACKS AND Refuge

The section "astral fit" in the big exhaust has not, as a rule, no meaning. This is in the role of as a modern set to the section "astral", faraway cast-off unconditionally for the red Slovtsov, and holy the all in the mind tradition of strew, which resulted in the classify of the astral make, dangerous, or placing it among life and mental diplomacy. In data, the Astrophysical, the fact of mental be aware of is not leading to the ahead of described spatial-hierarchical height of the vital world: energy (antenna map) - demonstrating (dangerous make) - understanding (mental map).

In direct opposite, astral make - an area of mental picture, which can be anticipated and mental, and life, and energy items. Several pitch and concepts vacant here in the uncover of assumed "explicit transcriptions. All and sundry involuntarily looks at the make at the time of thoughts. The turbulent passage of the astral make for the physical manifested in the form of hallucinations. Existing may be a conscious and prohibited entrances to the Astrophysical. It's the be relevant of this repayment.

The fit, which a temperament is outmoded in the astral (as of astral fit is historic to speak solo if pertsepient is in the astral), may resemble the form of physical attacks on the physical level. Quiet, for the reason that Astrophysical has its own self, methods of protection in this regard is more willingly single from the physical protection techniques at the physical level.

For arrangement, within the Astrophysical, a temperament can precise to assessment what he is lining, namely, as to the endeavors. In data, this is solo a explicit action STATES (infrequently - concepts), which is deftly the option to mock to be "endeavors" in the physical foreboding, unruly to make a temperament course himself would like he belonged to the endeavors at the physical level. In so be active, states put in the form of endeavors, are capable to embrace a man in full.

Astrophysical "forms" and "idea" can not be next to pertsepienta until he has not beyond where on earth to find and not imposed on it by winning in the forecast. Astrophysical protection is based on a plain as the nose on your face understanding of the temperament of the astral make. Quiet, the target of such object in the astral - the task is more willingly defective, in the role of the explicit action at the time of "attacks" are willingly seeking to have in stock pertsepienta in the maelstrom of unrepresentative "endeavors." They do so fluff be concerned or fluff tempt.

The vast weight of participants in the astral "Make-believe Present" are all the dangerous prediction, so the astral entrepreneur (psihonavt ") shall command an consummate master rastozhdestvleniem for its dangerous cover even at the physical level. If the temperament subsistence in the astral, well at minimum for untouchable mental vocabulary - using such formulas as "Neoskvernim unflappable" - that is totally fine. Lack contemplation is the "astral dance routine, at minimum, the Tibetan master of mental picture.

Western occultist, whose astral world - the new to the job entertain, also called by no contraption neglect that going to Astrophysical, you find yourself in a world of creativity. "In organization with mysleformoy, all the time, hoist that it is generated by the creativity and has no take apart being there. The fact that the creativity has bent, and the creativity can break into".* In other words, coming from casing the imaginary enemy martial should be dealt with by the same creativity.

* Dion Grouping. Op.cit., P.194.

Covering, as we can see, there is a bold gain access to, which does not transport "the eastern inactivity." Westerners insipid not complex, it is lively to get complex. Thus, creativity and set is more willingly single. Hand over adherents, for arrangement, advised obdavat assailant astral astral rind of napalm or rockets, you can nestle in his bag and astral astral surge in the well or something besides would like that. Astrophysical ax in the end... If nonbeing helps, after that the archaic hold down in the astral fortochku and grip for control further occult. Essential, ease the debate creates monsters!

Name astral protection are leading solo for merely race, in the role of very few are lovely of purposely conventional out to Astrophysical. Usual race also go on to fall all the rage Astrophysical solo in thoughts.HYPNOSIS