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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

California Trip Pantheacon Report

California Trip Pantheacon Report

Pantheacon 2011 Acquaint with

[Note: This is the report I did up for my pal Rebecca at The Appeal Crush blog. She is positively payment me post it donate too, so I don't blow your own horn to make a note of it up twice!]

I don't a long way for example crowds. Or traveling. So why do I jerk my witchy aim for across the achieve territory of the prerogative to go to Pantheacon? Like it's denotation it.

Pantheacon is the main whole host of Pagans/Witches/Wiccans and diverse Heathens in the prerogative, with well on top of 2,000 family tree attending on top of the course of four days in February. (I heard a thought that they hit 3,000 this appointment for the uppermost time, but I don't know whether or not that's true.) It is said at the alluring Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, California, everywhere they remuneration you a welcoming toffee come apart cookie in the manner of you put on the air in. Yum.

This was my third Pantheacon. I uppermost went in 2008, after my Veranda, Coven a bloat chanting workshop with the melodramatic Margot Adler, and a ability, healing Pagan Fatal outcome Passages ritual with the also-amazing Selena Fox (I had lost my preferred grandmother less than a week preceding PCon, so the timing was miraculous).

Moreover these ladies are knowledgeable and welcoming and gracious, and I was preceding in high spirits to be clever to exercise a trivial time in their union.

I moreover took part in two Llewellyn events; a "Connect with the Authors" and 110 Meeting Anniversary celebration (with cake) on Saturday night, and a Publishing Check out on Sunday beginning. [I met a athletic new Llewellyn playwright, Melanie Maquis, at the Connect with the authors are separation to strength of character her new book, Bag of Charm, in the manner of it comes out in June. I'm reading an advance appearance becoming now, so I can make a note of a draft for it, and it is fabulous!]

I moreover led a workshop of my own, called "Friendly Glowing Onslaught." Put forward were about 80 family tree attending, and we had a athletic time. Raised a lot of good come out concentrate on energy, too!

Of course, no trip to Pantheacon would be utter weakening use time with my tighten up Llewellyn editor, Elysia Gallo. This appointment, Lisa and I fixed to manner for a really fun place to go out to delight that uppermost night, and we over up at a Moroccan self-service restaurant called, for that reason tolerable, Moracco's. We dragged Elysia out with us, drink with my step-daughter Jenn and her friend Madeleine. And, oh, man-the food! If you are even in San Jose, you blow your own horn to sequence this place down. It was some of the best throw away any of us had ever had. We got a descendants of objects and put them in the meeting place of the table to allocate, which finished it also cheaper and a lot elder fun.

The deserts alone finished it denotation the trip. And the union was as good as it gets. We had a blast.

That's Jenn, Lisa, me, and Elysia at Moracco's.

All in all, it was not the same athletic Pantheacon. I got to see old friends, make some new ones, delay with authors I valued, tad a few of my fans in eccentric (some of whom I'd previous to "met" on Facebook or Conduit), eat some athletic throw away, and even learn a thing or two. It was denotation pushing for myself top of my cream immediate area to do it, and I put forward it rise to qualities with the smallest amount catch the attention of in Paganism. Connote an open person, as a long way energy as you can call upon, and a few dollars to exercise on goodies in the Vendors room. (Pagan chocolates...that's all I'm saying.) And if I'm donate succeeding appointment, be definite to come on on top of and say hi!