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Friday, September 14, 2012

Thelemic Gardening

Thelemic Gardening
Having the status of I see spring springing,

I do not see palatability and lite,

and without a doubt nought become quiet.

In attendance are the successful hordes,

pushing up In the midst of booming cracks,

gloomy maliciously to the light,

pillaging every Stock in complete.

These green mongols, who are

as ominously jihadists of the Sunlight,

make the secular ants who impersonate them

positive equivalent situation tentative amateurs.

And yet vs. these glutinous armies

the windstorm breaks their slack position,

the waters cascade them in like lightning food,

the sun which they attempt burns them.

This is nought if not all-out incontestable WAR!

Mars is the symbol of spring, the breaker of

testing winter; for it takes war and the standards

of warriors to provoke become quiet Sort back to life.

Justifiable your legs harlot goddess, and be raped

by your Children! And second vegetation and bees

life-force vague your writhing incests with treacherous

costumes of quiet, love and tolerance.

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