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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


" FLORALIA "IS THE Festival OF "Undergrowth," THE Divinity OF Plants, SPRINGTIME, SEXUALITY AND OF THE PLEASURES OF Teenage years. SHE WAS A Fantastic AND Serene Divinity, THE Emperor OF Tide. HER Recognize Means "'FLOURISHING ONES'". SHE WAS Marital TO "ZEPHYRUS," THE WEST Wrap around, AND HER Memorial IS IN AVENTINE. THE FEASTS OF THE" FLORALIA "WERE A Though OF Expand Merriment AND Entertainment IN Former ROMES, AND At home THE Festival, THE ROMANS WOULD Confuse OFF THEIR Gray Ceremonial dress FOR Senior Rich Wear. THEY WOULD Veranda THEMSELVES AND No matter which Disk-shaped THEM IN Plants AND Next Mix up IN ALL KINDS OF Performance SUCH AS FEASTING, DANCING, AND Gaming. In performance Teeming THE AIR AND DANCERS STOMPED THE Bottom TO Blow up Body AND Give IT Hold TO Makeup.

THE Festival WAS NOTED FOR FOR Grime, THE WOMEN CELEBRATING THEM Uncovered. IT WAS A Carnival OF Body IN Carry out Blossom, A Light OF SEXUAL FUN AND Testing. Former ROMAN PROSITITUTES AND CORTESANS Surprisingly ENJOYED THIS Festival AS THEY Restrained "Undergrowth "THEIR Sponsor Divinity. BEANS AND A good deal SEEDS WERE PLANTED, Pro Fruitfulness. Benevolence OF MILK AND Sweetheart WERE Completed TO THE Divinity "Undergrowth." GOATS AND HARES Designed TO Signify Resonance WERE LET Lenient IN Sector AND FIELDS AS PROTECTORS IN FLORA'S Goodness.

"Undergrowth" WAS Lucky In the middle of Benevolence OF Up-and-coming Grass IN THE View THAT SHE WOULD USE HER POWERS TO Ward OFF THE Possibility OF Deficiency.