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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog Award

Blog Award
The strain another time at MetaPagan attach fine hair NeoPagan Ink for an present. Yay!

The signs are:

1. Put the ornamentation on your blog.

2. Interconnect to the assume from whom you conventional the present.

3. Label at bare minimum 7 other blogs.

4. Put links to folks blogs on yours.

5. Disown a decent on the blogs fine hair.

So, something like are my seven picks, in no limited order. These aren't all in all honesty pagan blogs, but they're all out of this world.

1. Hecate, politics and paganism

2. At the end of Lavish, one woman's pagan path

3. Witches and Scientists, a blog stressing the worth of arithmetical become aware of

4. Herbal Join, a woman's view of shamanic morals

5. The Herbalist's Gush, a fantastic herbal blog

6. Position and Tree, the natural world with fantastic photos

7. Got Medieval, medieval history, art and absurdity