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Friday, March 29, 2013

Reverse Missionaries

Reverse Missionaries

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Kevin Sullivan, in an document published in the Washington Big money on Monday, June 11, 2007 writes that missionaries from third nation nations are discovering that Europe is a green mission interest for the Gospel.

The resultant is an mention from the article:

COPENHAGEN -- The "Amens!" flew correspondence popcorn in hot oil as 120 Christian worshipers clapped and danced and praised Jesus as if He'd place walked at home the room. In a nation where about 2 percent of the public attend church frequently and countless churches image simply sufficiently worshipers to charge a private pew, the Sunday originate service at this old mission hall was one rocking celebration.

In the norm of all the keyboards, drums and hallelujahs, Stendor Johansen, a golden-haired Danish sea person in charge built correspondence a 180-pound ice justly, sang set down and danced, as he thought, correspondence a Dane -- without moving.

"The Danish church is trite," thought Johansen, 45, who disappeared the splendor Danish Evangelical Lutheran Priestly three vivacity ago and attached this high-octane interdenominational church run by a champion pastor from Singapore. "I point of view energized past I stop one of these services."

The Global Christian Shared (ICC) is one of about 150 churches in Denmark that are run by foreigners, countless from Africa, Asia and Latin America, part of a mushrooming leaning of preachers from developing nations coming to Western Europe to set up new churches or to try to build up old ones.

For centuries, past Europe was the in general center of Christianity, millions of European missionaries traveled to other continents to spread-out their protection by establishing schools and churches. Now, with European church send away at ultimate lows and a aspire of preachers in the pulpits, thousands of "reverse missionaries" are flocking back, migrating from soiled countries to sumptuous ones to lecture the Gospel where it has fallen out of construct.

The strangeness signals a most important hand over in the power, panache and countryside of Christianity, the world's leading religion. Greatest extent of its foster than 2 billion adherents now befall in the developing world. And as unusual records of them migrate to Europe, as well as to the Joined States, they are turgid pews and changing idolization styles.

Churches in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Korea and the Philippines allow sent thousands of missionaries to Europe to set up churches in homes, stem buildings and storefronts. Officials from the Redeemed Christian Priestly of God, a Pentecostal church based in Nigeria, thought they allow 250 churches in Britain now and badge to generate 100 foster this time. Britain's leading church, run by a Nigerian pastor in London, attracts up to 12,000 variety outstanding three services every Sunday.

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Claude Mariottini

Educationalist of Old Tombstone

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