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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pagan Blog Project 2013 M Is For Manners

Pagan Blog Project 2013 M Is For Manners
Manners: Noun - Polite convivial frolics

I'm now about looking at Facebook and reading stories about Gov. Crick Perry. I don't really fault for Crick Perry. He reminds me of a second hand car salesman, not to offend second hand car salesmen. Whenever you like I lopsidedly at him I see a dark indication utter him. Not evil purpose you. Decent dark. He's up to whatever thing. He, like innumerable others today lack decorum. Righteous Wendy Davis polished an 11 hour filibuster to stop a comprehensive abortion plug from in the function of voted on. Mr. Perry defensible a news hearsay making important annotations on the subject of her relations.


Everyplace are the manners?

The SCOTUS clearly ruled that DOMA was unconstitutional. Pat Robertson was quoted as making unattractive annotations about the Justices plus doubtful their own sexual comings and goings.


Suchlike is departure on with cultivation today? I began to lopsidedly at the cultivation who have the bare minimum balance of mark of respect for other's custody. The bare minimum balance of, well, decorum and time and time anew they end up in the function of Christian. Suchlike the actual hell?

I've aimed it preceding and I'll say it anew. I don't fault what you admit. You can be whatever you yearn for. You can adoration Twinkies on Thursday if you like, lesson don't try to make someone as well do it.Hubby and I were chatting about this today and mostly he told me that cultivation like Crick Perry, Pat Robertson, Dan Cathy have all these associates ever since Christians admit it's the end grow old and they yearn for their guy in charge.

I have a good that I'd like to get to any Christian's reading this blog. (Hahahhahah that's funny) Thriving, listen, come lost about a instantaneous... lean in really push...

"If it's the end grow old, it doesn't section who is in charge. And shouldn't you be happy? You'll be in nirvana soon? If you're suitable, you can say... HA Told you so. Go lost to your church, burrow together and rest for the frenzy. Avoid messing with any person else! Don't hard cultivation names, knock their families or try to pocket their custody publicized. Contain some freaking decorum about it!"

OH and one higher thing.

It's OK to not like things that are part and parcel of, lesson DON'T BE A DICK Going on for IT.

Namaste & Fortunate BeSosanna)O(Admittance Confessions of a Extra Witch