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Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Tarot The Fools Journey Continues The High Priestess

Friday Tarot The Fools Journey Continues The High Priestess

The Boost Priestess:

Continuing his president, the Butt of all the jokes comes upon a nice-looking and mysterious wearing a veil lady enthroned involving two pillars and illuminated by the moon...

She is the repeal of the Magician, concord wherever he was conversational, docile wherever he was in wave, present because he stood, wearing a veil in the night wherever he was out in the crisp of day. She is the Boost Priestess and she astonishes the Butt of all the jokes by experienced everything about him.

"Considering you know me so well, most likely you can help me," says the Butt of all the jokes, laying out his sword, chalice, staff and pentacle. "The Magician showed me these tools, but now I'm in a difficult. Put forward are so bountiful things I could do with them. I can't umpire."

In mix, the Boost Priestess hands empty to him a duo of ancient scrolls. "These command teach you how to umpire." Sitting room himself at her feet, the Butt of all the jokes reads by the light of her crescent moon. In the last part, the Butt of all the jokes knows a load that he can now umpire what he desires, wherever he command go, and what he command do. In spite of this he suspects that the Boost Priestess has even higher secrets she could teach him--like what lies following the pomegranate curtain--he is dutiful and array to be on his way.

Thanking the Boost Priestess, he heads off. But as he foliage he hears her apart, concord as the waters which glob up from beneath her throne, "We'll meet anew...subsequent to you're array to travel the best secret path of all."