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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Oldest Symbol Of Power Part 2

The Oldest Symbol Of Power Part 2
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We keep in good condition with Tour 2 of the ship of the oldest symbol of power.

Plus at home we see the especially knowledge, connected to the rent from the Greek gods, as the utmost, the God Bacchus, God Dionysus, or Osiris, the Egyptian God, who represents all that is reborn, to keep steady Pope's staff, three thousand or extra existence behind.

Today, the Pope walks sophistication on his weld with the symbol of power of all these gods. Be that this is not remarkable?

The Gods of India had a like knowledge in one or sometimes six hands from beginning to end his boss.

burn it to see the transmisor

God of India with detached command or mast As I wrote and ratified, the Anunnakis recycled a official merchandise.

In this image an Anunnaki with the especially ridge as the God of India above! According to the grapevine, they did not illuminate to personality its agency. Solitary recycled it or had it in consider in bag of bother or a fetch for abruptness.

It may be, it opens an unnoticed wall of protection or it is a detached command to send energy to assorted ridge or to restrict get in touch with with stations in rotate. The fantasize has no area.

Count on a link today with so many applications on a distinct ridge. The gods were all consistent.

All of them are with the casual to fly. Not themselves, but getting up in the air or toward the inside a unit with whom he possibly will go to illusion or anywhere they appreciate. They whichever had radio get in touch with modestly. Restricted protection was whichever fault-finding.

Surge a laser spine to slope or break barrage intentions of the club, to know forever the inborn breathing space was very fault-finding.

Plus fault-finding was the duty of the time of this sphere, the rotate of its last stop and possibly the sphere of their origin. For that they took their watches.

stare at of Anunnakis

As today, somebody carries a freestyle link or workstation with differences in the models,

so all recycled people who were connected in some way with these policy with the gods.

This bauble, realistically, this ridge has at lowest possible 5000 existence of manifestation in the art and forceful use.

Justifiable and helped almost all the gods of all accustomed civilizations. If that's not a sample or a uninhibited exceptional of its intent, what then?

This magical bauble has whichever silhouette in modern architecture.

In London this great pied-?-terre was constructed in the think of the fruit of the hang around, under the name of Gherkin. For some secret intent the architects recycled this symbol. They indigence do it. London is the medium of financial power in the world. Guaranteed club motionless know the highest effective shove dear departed this symbol and desire club to raise a fuss that this symbol motionless register power from beginning to end the world.

Together with the short-lived of the gods, all its tools whichever vanished.

The minute, missing deliberately, or by the circumstances of its output, are now very sacred ruins and out of notice, to the knowledge of club.

If you do not know whatever thing exists, with either try to find such an knowledge, and fittingly extra strengthen can be saved these artifacts of the gods, to the same extent dowry are definitely official policy at a time, and background, far from ours.

The legends are fabled, but in the true suspicion. Not daydream the story of a fisherman who describes his big acquaintance jammed.

No, the legends of the manifestation of the gods are real, Implication by idea.

His powers and magic recycled are real, not magic, but its origin is advanced gear.

They flew, lived in illusion, had their palaces in illusion, saw and heard everything (of the lord you can not outdo, nor in the dark, or dear departed your inland. Your sins are ahead of time him, and written in a book...).

They destroyed cities or sitting room, or palaces with their weaponry, in the air from beginning to end and sinking bullets or death light. They had crystals (screens) in which, it was observed everything.

They had eternal lights (electricity), adult knowledge in astronomy and math, drug and highest lived forever.

I evaluator the bind relating God and man or plural relating gods and men are certain, but not completely in the office suspicion, whichever the bind relating two civilizations, a mechanically advanced and the other, our newly awakened, and began with the help of the other.

Put on is by far to rethink and amend on our history.

If these images and belief of track down help a minute bit open a raison d'?tre, at lowest possible to scrutiny this hunt would be an fault-finding encourage for mankind not to conduct everything as fact.

You restrict to evaluator everything from beginning to end and from beginning to end again, looking from dissimilar angles. Two thousand existence we lost to the same extent we reject the coexistence of two civilizations, possibly on two dissimilar planets.

We were stuck in the focal point of everything, man as the sphere earth, but in truth we know today are not so far. Yes, we are part of whatever thing big. We are part of the innovation. Zilch extra, void less.

But the start purpose in a circle, in an interminable mount, in a stopped up become, in a innovation untold for us, does not put up with, and motionless less can we be the medium.

We capacity a minute bit and belongings this expand dirt free, which is the innovation with our manifestation. Parcel in an interminable coexistence with other beings this world! The noticeably we adopt it superior for us.

Josef Bauer

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