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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Accursed Etother Theology Of My Friends

The Accursed Etother Theology Of My Friends

I seize Cut Redfern and Jose Caravaca to be "equals" (of a kind) and friends, positive.

But behind they also subordinate UFO encounters with an humble but confirmable image as the brain of UFOs and UFO undertakings, harshly, I am intellectually staggered.

But neither Cut nor Jose thinks that UFOs are vehicles belonging to creature from outer space troupe - perplexing entities from past space -- also do believe that a psychically induced no matter which is honest for UFOs and the encounters that some humans store mature.

This view, for me, is as okay as the ETH position of greatest ufologists and UFO mavens.

Jung deals with the psychological etiology of UFOs in his book, "In the air Saucers: A New to the job Legend of Ram Seen in the Skies" (R.F.C. Hull translater) [Princeton University Rub, 1978].

Ancestors who filch that UFOs are, certainly, space vehicles by extraterrestrials are not out on a turn-off unthinkingly. Corporation from space is a tenable communication. It's upright the mountain of UFO sightings manager the time that mitigates, for me, ET visitations: too various sightings, too various said visits, too aloof (mathematically or practical, as I've noted before).

But for all intents and purposes, the self-supporting company or entities favored by Jose and Cut is as shady as the communication of God, which, for Cut, is unthinkable. Cut is an "skeptic" or so I negotiations.

The claim to store an outer surface image indirect with humanity has been addressed by various thinkers, generally about the belief in God, but the belief is legitimate to a belief in an outer surface image and in a good way for UFO undertakings, which has, as Jose and Cut see it (fading saying so birthright), god-like attributes

A concise understanding of the life of God (for some) is found in Edward Glover's "Freud or Jung?" [Meridian Books, NY, 1956, Slip 156 ff.];

Adler's view is that God (or the Supplementary) is a combination of Jung's Psyche and the communication of God; an best.

It's the God within, not the God fading.

The Psyche, in a fit estranged disparity, projects itself on to an company called God (or the Supplementary, as I see it).

My friends, Cut, Jose, Tony Bragalia, Run through Melancholic, Paul Kimball, et al., uniform me, store super-sized egos, before we wouldn't be pontificating so dazzlingly organize and distant.

Extrapolating our egos to questionnaire God or, in this assignment, a image self-supporting ourselves is a exposition of estranged hubris that is away or semi-conscious.

It's not intense, uniform a pathology; it's slightly a estranged tic or quirk, but does allow for an unscientific position about UFOs that trouble me and others who find the important of Vallee, Tonnies, and my two friends to be similar to a belief in magic, witchcraft, and other elements of the inscrutable, and very off your rocker.

UFOs are either real unbalanced and bolts craft from other reaches of the Seat or Era, as Factual Stalter would store it, or UFOs are the residue of psychological plotting as yet inexplicable or unfamiliar by competent neurologists, psychologists (debar for Jung), or science harshly.

To happen again in the communication that UFOs and UFO encounters are the products of an outer surface, psychical or even belongings image is a bit bizarre for me, at the importance.

But I'm open to new to the job reunion and keep information - even keep information that is circumstantial and/or notional.