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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Irrational Atheist

The Irrational Atheist
I spent part of the day reading Vox Day's new book, "The Senseless Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens." You might know Vox Day from his blog and tempting engage in on feminist issues--he yet has everything impolite to add to that round about dialogue and his book proves to be rational as reviving in regards to religion and dream. The "Senseless Freethinker "is described as follows (from the arrived slap):

"The Senseless Freethinker "is not a theological work nor is it a clich holier-than-thou box of dream. It contains no arguments for the human being of God and the absurd, nor is it concerned with escalation, creationism, the age of Place, or tangy design. This book contains no arguments from Scripture. In rude the arguments, assertions, and conclusions of the New Atheists, Vox Day's a minute ago missiles are the worldly tools of speak, logic and historically standard, alone perceptible fact. "The Senseless Freethinker "is not a book about God, but about populace who test to dislodge Him....

Day takes on the likes of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens and seeks to support that they and other "New Atheists" are no champions of speak. For sample, Day discusses one condemnation finished by Harris wherever Harris questions the connection in the midst of Christian conservatism and convivial health:

If acquaint with was a strong connection in the midst of Christian conservatism and convivial health, we might be determined to see some sign of it in red-state America. We don't. Of the 25 cities with the least possible tariff of compelling crime, 62 percent are in "muffled" [Democrat] states and 38% are in "red" [Republican] states. Of the twenty-five highest brutal cities, 76 percent are in red states, and 24 percent are in muffled states. In fact, three of the five highest brutal cities in the US are in the holy profess of Texas.

Likably, although, Day found that "red-state" crime is primarily firm by "muffled counties" within populace states and has a advantage consider to boldness the stats on this. It seems that Harris was looking at states such as Texas that had chief crime and called the states "red" but fortunately absent the part wherever the "counties" wherever the crimes were firm tended to be "muffled."

Out of the ordinary myth busters coat the fancy that religion causes the most part of war as some atheists profess, Day provides proof to the contrary--he found that chief than 93% of all the wars in everyday history had no lash to religion. In the twentieth century, in fact, he states that atheistic regimes killed three time chief run in peacetime than populace killed in all the wars and take apart crimes joined.

The book is indisputably notion hateful and esteem a read if you are intrusive in the topic!