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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Man Who Falsely Accused Saint Nektarios

The Man Who Falsely Accused Saint Nektarios

By John Sanidopoulos

It has been asked why St. Nektarios, a Saint of behind schedule times, works so several miracles today. The respond to is having the status of he suffered significantly in his life, frequently times being perfidiously accused by the uninformed. Lie, denigration and pretend pick up, the same as endured with humility, self-control and accuse in God, are a enlarge blessing for the Christian. The humbled are constant puffed up.

In the past St. Nektarios time-honored his female Monastery on the islet of Aegina, locals went so far as to tell off him of depravity and that he recycled the Monastery to perform his shamelessness. They speculated that the nuns gave origin to improper children, which they would as a result accept down the well.

One animal from Aegina named Kerou had a grace-filled and God-fearing 16 blind date old daughter. The mother had a inclination to tyrant her daughter for this and tried out of the ordinary times to slaughter her. The countrified girl took bastion in the Monastery under St. Nektarios. The tender-hearted Saint took her in and protected her. Kerou in turn began to vilification the Saint. A Prosecutor received the trouble and the moment day came to Aegina red-looking with two constables. He breached the access, not considering the programming of the Convent, and went straight to the farmhouse of the Saint. The nuns became upset and began to cry. The Sacred Bishop got up and received his ballet company with his regulate Christian smirk. Feverish, the Prosecutor supposed to the hoary Elder: "You unkempt old man, everyplace are the children you are flexible origin to? Is that what you are be in here?" He as a result in custody him by his cassock and threatened him, saying: "I'll decrease off your beard hair by hair!"

The Saint did not say a word. He simply spiky his hand pompous and said: "God sees! God knows!"

Extremely, the Prosecutor who was quick to badge vilification and dared yank his arm chary the Saint became terminally ill within a week. He had dreadful tenderness from his shut down. The hand with which he grabbed the Saint dried up. Realizing his failure, he felt the implore to go to St. Nektarios and ask for his forgiveness. The Saint, out of broadmindedness and longsuffering, prayed very significantly for the man. Taking part in two living the Prosecutor's hand had to be cut off. Meanwhile, the Monastery of St. Nektarios prospered and the Sisterhood grew. It has become a spiritual rest home, which gives rest to the soul and clarification to the line of God.