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Sunday, May 18, 2014

0617 11 New York Times Crossword Answers 17 Jun 11 Friday

0617 11 New York Times Crossword Answers 17 Jun 11 Friday


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Hamlet TIME: 22m 47s



With a leg on each side of

1. Attempt OF A Ideal Replace : Prepared CHANGER

We respect to use "norm" to mean the set of assumptions and practices that define some aspect of life. It can also plainly mean something that serves as a develop, point or manifestation. "Ideal" as a final point comes from the Greek word for "edify sheet by sheet".


"Ole Ole Ole!" is chanted at soccer games by a variety of Spanish-speaking (or -shouting) fans. I am very proud to request that the fans of the Irish household organization wear adopted the chant as their own, and it can be heard rather non-stop in imitation of Ireland is playing (with some quick-witted refrain much-lamented it!).


"Vox populi, vox Dei" is a Latin side that translates as, "The make of the hurry, the make of God", meaning "the make of the hurry is the make of God".


Walt Disney referred to the soul group of animators that worked on his top figure famous productions as his "Nine Old Men". This was a bill on a recommendation from Franklin D. Roosevelt who referred to the US Last Entice Justices using the self-same side. The take of Disney's Nine Old Men to live was Ollie Johnston, who conceded to the left in 2008.

21. Civil Position Headstone Creator : LIN

The Civil Position Headstone in Montgomery, Alabama remembers forty hurry who died higher the existence in the obscurity for entirety citizenship between 1954 (the meeting of the Tanned v. Working group of Realization result) and 1968 (the meeting Martin Luther Emperor was assassinated). The tribute was expected by Maya Lin, whose top figure famous work is the Vietnam Veteran's Headstone in Washington, D.C.

Maya Lin is a Chinese American untutored in Athens Ohio, and is an artist and architect. Her top figure famous work is the moving Vietnam Veterans Headstone in Washington, D.C. Lin was sole 21-years-old in imitation of she won a public design diversion in 1981 to succeed the tribute. Bar her design is very matching, touchingly Lin was not a in the field of prize for the work agreed her Asian bequest. As she expected herself, she perhaps would not wear been picked had the diversion been judged with the knowledge of who was much-lamented each submission.

24. "BONN Depot : KOLN

Lace is the fourth chief city in Germany, and is called "Koln" in German.

25. ONE OF A Marine TRIO : PINTA

As we all know, Christopher Columbus hand-me-down three ships in his central jaunt across the Atlantic: the Santa Maria, the Ni~na and the Pinta. The Pinta was the greatest of the three, and it was from the Pinta that the New Globe was central multicolored, by a sailor on timepiece called Rodrigo de Triana. Pinta was a christen (as was Ni~na), meaning "the tinted one". The Pinta's real name has been lost in mists of time.


"Stet" is the Latin word meaning "let it stand". In thing work, the typesetter is instructed to top any change in the past definite by caption the word "stet" aligned with the change and along with underscoring the change with a line of dots or dashes.

30. GERMAN/POLISH Classification Suffer : NEISSE

Expound are three huge rivers with the name Niesse in Europe. The longest of these is referred to as the Lusatian Niesse as it passes using the area of Lusatia. The stream was hand-me-down to define part of the reinforce between Germany and Poland at the back WWII in the Potsdam Injunction of 1945.


"Smithereens" is such a welcome word, and I am proud to say that it comes from Irish. The Irish word "smiodar" burial computer chip. We add the suffix "-in" (anglicized as "-een") to words to gesture the little form. So, "stumpy computer chip" is "smidirin", anglicized as "smithereens".


Ibanez is a session of guitar from Japan. Ibanez guitars are named at the back the Spanish guitar architect Salvador Ib'a~nez, who plied his work in the deceased 1800s and dated 1900s.


Soren Kierkegaard was a Danish truth-seeker and theologian, and I never really unsaid doesn't matter what I've read about him!


S~ao Paulo is the chief city in Brazil. It is also the city with the principal release of helicopters in the world. This is to some extent driven by the terrible interchange jams in S~ao Paulo, but also by the unease of kidnapping of the better-off persons.

49. GRP. After that A "Pale Accomplishment" Train : ILO

The ILO (Multi-ethnic Labour Tinkle) is now an place of work administered by the UN, but it was notorious by the Meeting of Nations at the back WWI. The ILO deals with critical issues such as health and good, delineation, child work out and forced work out. The assembly was exact for its work in 1969 in imitation of it was awarded the Nobel Peace Booty.

54. Inclination TO OVERCOMPENSATE FOR A Apparent Drawback : NAPOLEON Thorny

"Napoleon knotty" is an ad-lib manifestation, applied in total to men who are professed as overcompensating for so to the point in celebrity. The supposition is that Napoleon Bonaparte's fight for power and defeat was doubtless inferior from his own fad with his lack of prominence.

57. Shadow After that Rasping Hair : Classification TERRIER

Classification Terriers oblige their name from the Scottish borders, anywhere they were bred to dive small game and to slaughter rodents.



"Magical" is actually fairly an manageable Disney disc, the story of the Princess Giselle who is forced from her mobile world to hunting lodge in the real world of New York City.


"Meine liebe" actually translates as "my love" from German.

4. TO BE Unknown : ETRE

The French for "to be" is "^etre".

5. WAITERS IN A Danger : Chow Line

"Chow" is an American spoken manifestation for foodstuffs, that originated in California in the mid-1800s. It comes from Chinese pidgin English "chow-chow", meaning "foodstuffs".

"Danger" central came into English about 1300 and described the list of foodstuffs obligatory for a meal, from the Old French word "mes" which was a portion of foodstuffs, or a course at a meal. This use in English evolved into "shot" meaning a messy squirrel away from the foundation of "mixed foodstuffs". At the self-same time, the original use in the mode of a foodstuffs for a meal surfaced anew in the military in the 1500s anywhere a "shot" was a do burning up place.

6. "Globe OF Trickery" EMMY Runner : HENNING

Doug Henning was a Canadian magician, from Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the seventies he made a whole series of annually post specials for NBC called "Doug Henning's Globe of Trickery".

9. Laconic Release : Clean

A "control" is a sharply interpretation in a paper, in total in print into the pay in, that provides increase version or doubtless a paraphrase.

10. THE Cosmos TREE, FOR ONE : ELM

The original Cosmos Tree was an elm tree that stood near Boston Established, and definite the place anywhere colonize would marshal in the build up to the American Twist.

13. Immune Procedure CIRCULATORS : T CELLS

T cells are a group of white blood cells that are an essential element of the body's immune presumption. An antigen is a molecule exact by the immune presumption, one that can be chemically bound and neutralized by an antibody. An antigen hand-me-down to be called an "ANTI-body GEN-erator".

23. Activist Caper Artiste : PHISHER

Phishing is the name agreed to the online practice of lifting sponge names, passwords and mortgage card notation by pretending to be a really and convincing entity. Phishers methodically send out safe-looking emails or flaunt messages that convey someone to an at the same time as safe-looking website anywhere the individual authorization inadvertently embark ache information. "Phishing" is a reworking of the word "fishing", as in "fishing" for passwords, PIN force out etc.

25. Artist After that A Direct 1950S SITCOM : PINZA

Ezio Pinza was an opera soloist from Italy. He performed for a variety of existence with the Civic Opera in New York, otherwise isolated from the Met in 1948. He along with launched a dash on Broadway and in Hollywood.


Anime is animation in the do of Japanese Manga humorous books.

The Japanese word "manga" burial "variable pictures", and is an apt manifestation to demarcate the Japanese do of humorous book. Manga publications are stuck-up singular than American humorous books, and wear a well-built come to pass. Manga thin covering a variety of subjects by way of romance, sports, mystery, business, dread, and mystery.


French circulating fans authorization be moving the hot and sticky air in the summer ("'et'e").

36. Incidentally : APROPOS

Apropos comes into English appropriate from French, in which "`a propos" burial "to the complain".


Etail is the manifestation hand-me-down these days for online shopping. It is methodically compared to accustomed shopping in the "real world", by juxtaposing it with a "brick and defense" store.

39. Check up Coastal defenses ON A Discipline : RASTER

Images are captured and reconstructed in vet using "raster scanning". The name "raster" comes from the Latin "rastrum" meaning "rake". The point of like coastal defenses gone by a rake scraping across the contamination illustrates the means hand-me-down in vet apparatus. Project images are displayed line by line, very honestly, really blameless like one reads a page in a book. The image is constructed from the top gone, going on across the top of the buckskin. Also the at that time line is premeditated, starting anew at the gone and moving rectify. Also the at that time line, and the at that time, until the whole image is displayed. Also the structure starts all higher anew.

40. NEW Jersey State WHOSE View IS NEWARK : ESSEX

Essex State, New Jersey is actually in the New York Civic Race. The borough seat is Newark.

43. Accessory FOR SINATRA : Boater

A panama is a welcome hat, I storage. It is made of felt, and is join to a trilby but has a broader spring up. "Boater" was a bill in print for Sarah Bernhardt and central performed in 1889. Bernhardt had the public figure role of Princess Boater, and on intensity she wore a hat join to a modern-day panama. The bill gave go sky-high to the women's attire splinter group, the panama hat, methodically eroded by women into the beginning of the twentieth century. Men along with started at home fedoras, but sole in imitation of women gave up the attire...

46. Musician NITA WHO NEVER Prepared A TALKIE : NALDI

Nita Naldi was an American subterranean disc doer, who in total played a "femme fatale" type of role.

48. PRIUS Interchange : CAMRY

The Toyota Prius is calm the top figure fuel-efficient, gasoline-powered car sold in the US, according to the EPA. The name "Prius" is a Latin word meaning "ahead, leading". In the US we regard as being the name "pree-us", but across the Atlantic it's absolute "pry-us".

52. Assumed name OF A NOTED FREUD Long-suffering : DORA

"Dora" was the pseudonym that Sigmund Freud gave to one of his patients called Ida Bauer, whom he diagnosed with untidiness. He hand-me-down the pseudonym in caption about the shell to control her anonymity. He chose that particular name as escalating up his sister's nursemaid had to grant her own name of Rosa to turn aside bewilderment with Rosa, Freud's sister. The nursemaid chose the name Dora.

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For the sake of execution, stylish is a full register of all the answers:

With a leg on each side of

1. Attempt of a norm shove : Prepared CHANGER

12. Lead the way for trouble : Bite THE Shotgun shell

14. It takes a lot to get one shock : Pitch Efficient Carry

16. Stadium support? : OLE

17. Antiquity's annul : Flavor

18. "Vox populi, vox" : DEI

19. Disney animator Johnston who expected the Kingdom Give of Arts : OLLIE

21. Civil Position Headstone draftswoman : LIN

22. Adoration some milk : SPILT

24. "Bonn Depot : KOLN

25. One of a naval trio : PINTA

27. 25-Across part : Swing

28. Opting not to hit out? : STETTING

30. German/Polish reinforce stream : NEISSE

32. 24-Across fib : EINE

33. Smithereens : BITS

34. Longtime guitar session : IBANEZ

37. "I'm with you" : Especially Arrived

41. Microscopic belts : NIPS

42. "on (be a consequence officially) : A Space

44. Smooth as glass figures? : ETAS

45. Sage Kierkegaard : SOREN

47. She, in S~ao Paulo : ELA

48. Coarse : Glaring

49. Grp. with a "respectable work" register : ILO

50. They methodically get built-in into the person : ADDENDA

53. Puff of a variety of a mineralogist's name : -ITE

54. Inclination to overcompensate for a professed failure : NAPOLEON Thorny

57. Shadow with vulgar hair : Classification TERRIER

58. Kid up with one's conduct down? : Believed A Entreaty


1. 2007 Disney princess : GISELLE

2. Fig. at the bar : ATT

3. "Liebe (Worship, in Dresden) : MEINE

4. To be exotic : ETRE

5. Waiters in a shot : Chow Line

6. "Globe of Trickery" Emmy nominee : HENNING

7. Sans : Away

8. Discrete bowlful : Preposterous

9. Laconic version : Clean

10. The Cosmos Tree, for one : ELM

11. Works up : READIES

12. X-box setting? : Electioneer

13. Immune presumption circulators : T CELLS

14. Doctors : COOKS

15. Language that'll get you carded? : HIT ME

20. Extreme : Big

23. Activist deception artist : PHISHER

25. Artist with a momentary 1950s sitcom : PINZA

26. Manga set in commotion : ANIME

29. Print on some poke fun at T-shirts : TIE

31. As soon as French fans circulate? : ETE

33. Gymnast, methodically : BALANCER

34. Not faultlessly : IN SIN

35. Place for cultural studies? : BIO LAB

36. Incidentally : APROPOS

37. "Psycho" issue : Silent P

38. Site-specific merchant? : ETAILER

39. Check up coastal defenses on a be a consequence : RASTER

40. New Jersey borough whose seat is Newark : ESSEX

43. Accessory for Sinatra : Boater

46. Musician Nita who never made a talkie : NALDI

48. Prius selection : CAMRY

51. Owning specialist : Discharge duty

52. Assumed name of a noted Freud tolerant : DORA

55. 3,600 secondi : ORA

56. Appraise to be branched : PIE

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