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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Witchy Movies Fun Time

Witchy Movies Fun Time
It's Sunday, it's time to uplift and what exceptional to do on a Sunday night than slope a movie and popcorn and solitary out on the divan. Inwards, I am departure to be scented of you a list of movies with witchcraft and magic as a ground. Be careful that these movies energy bonfire you, mollify, you are advised not to take away ever so what you see as truth about witchcraft (IN General Free will AND Legend ARE Disheveled). They are oppose nominate to you so that you can contain fun and see everything that may interests you. So establish about we go:Motion picture1. Sensible Charm ( 5/5-14+)2. The Refocus ( 3/5 -14+)3. Harass Potter movies ( 5/5 -for all the variety)4. The Member of the aristocracy of the Rings Trilogy ( 5/5 -for all the variety)5. Emboss, book and candle ( 4/5-14+)6. The Sorcerer and the Gray Cloud ( 4/5-14+)7. The Carcass key ( 4/5- thriller)8. The Serpent and the Rainbow ( 3/5-thriller)9. Hocus Pocus ( 3/5-for all the variety)10. The Witches of Eastwick ( 4/5-14+)11. Worry of the Witch (** 2/5-14+)12. Torture me to hell ( 4/5-14+)13. Stardust ( 4/5- for all the variety)14. The Beating Man ( 4/5- 14+)15. The Mists of Avalon ( 5/5- for all the family-PERSONAL FAVOURITE)16. Earthsea ( 3/5- for all the variety)17. Merlin ( 4/5- for all the variety)SERIES1. Charmed2. The Deepest ReelAdditional themes energy grant with in a relaxed manner such as vampires ">The Entertaining Witch (in all the not mechanical waysJ)Commander, Let down your hair IN, LOVE!