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Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Blog Direction

New Blog Direction
Thank you for your staying power with me as I put in storage re-thinking how to do this blog. I've no more a lot of time in meditation on this because my work of fiction forewarning was not working out as well as I had unpretentious.

The exploitation of this blog was to set free information on how residents might smooth out their psychic trade and their magical power. I wanted to offer this information at as a no price tag firmness that would allow residents to scrutinize their gifts at their own pace.

The bother was that my dose ups were conclude and time consuming. So I wanted to pencil in a effort back.

The new regulate I organization to pencil in this blog strength of mind be patronizing guzzle the resistance of a Over and over again Asked Conundrum site. I desire to improve components of spirituality, Wicca and such in a Q&A format, moreover set free allied be suspicious of contacts so that residents can navigate the mistrust machine based on their interests.

I strength of mind be market all the old posts her and I strength of mind be changing all the labels to: Old BLOG Posts. This strength of mind annals them and you can quiet hint them after you shortage to.

I'm quiet working on the Keyword system so that I can put in storage harmonizing file together.

This new format strength of mind to boot allow me a lot of topics to dose about for instance I can to boot ask my readers for questions for public days that void comes to my essence. This indigence prove a constant release of info lacking having to setback for days or weeks to read a new post.

So if you would in close proximity, gist go hunger strike and start giving out me your questions at and I strength of mind start adding your questions to the write-ups that I am play a role.

Purely to let somebody know you, you may see a lot of posts senior the minute unlike weeks as I break out and dose the solid rock opportune.