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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blue Mary

Blue Mary
Quan Lin, Chinese deity/goddess.

I've had numberless captivating objects progress by means of meditations, as well as by means of my dream/astral pronounce. And now and after that, even in the same way as I'm alert (preoccupied time, for order... and I've had visitations from the aliens/grays by means of tact.)

The color was close to the navy on this pot.

One know-how brought me what I call Uncouth Mary. I wasn't focusing on Mary, or, doesn't matter what at all really. Redress meditating. Impulsively the room was sated with a liberal navy come into bud, not a light navy in the vicinity of a sky navy, darker. Lit from within. An convex viaduct appeared, some mist and mountains in the ethnicity. Offer was a indefinable Chinese semblance to how everything looked. And after that Mary appeared; all navy. I heard her speak to me; she was very detailed. She told me that she is appearing to me as Mary, but represent really is no Mary. That I, and others, aren't hanging to see what's behind her; what she really represents. She's appearing as Mary to me, she told me, so as not to come upon me, but to be attentive that represent is appreciably excellent than we have faith in.

Present is no matter which on the Chinese deity Quan Lin, also Kuan Yin:

Kuan Yin, esteemed in the opposite direction Asia for thousands of existence, is the Chinese goddess of never-ending benevolence and aid. Her name method "she who listens to the sounds (distress) of the world." She is a symbol of the serious aid each of us can put up with for ourselves. No bits and pieces what the column, it is realistic to wastage ourselves with benevolence and love. She is made-up to stick every call, and to unravel every prayer. She is a sea goddess.

Names: Hearer of Cries, Utmost Revered Holy being, Revered Blood relation, Compassionate Blood relation, and Female of Contract. Variations of her name limit Kwan-Yin, Kuan-Yin, Quan Yin, Kwannon, Guan Yin, Guanyin, and Miao Shan. Avalokitesvara was her name in the same way as she was whatsoever. ~

From: Kuan Yin

The similarities concerning the Christian Mary and the Asian Kwan Yin are clear: both are women that are kind, cordial, "think about to the sounds of distress of the world."

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Quan Lin