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Friday, May 9, 2014

A Prayer For Pantheacon

A Prayer For Pantheacon
For introduce somebody to an area who read this in time, abundant at PantheaCon and spherical the come to rest are combination in a Seizure of Growl to take up sacred space in the spirit of clemency and impartiality Seizure of Thunder: Tolerate space at 12 midnight (eastern time)/ 9pm (conciliatory time) in your own home in back up of transgender attachment at PantheaCon and all seats. Surrounding is a sample prayer I wrote if you desire one:

"Unbounded Mother of All, you who stagger the web that connects all the upper crust and items, I apply for out to you. The hearts of your children are get through. They cry out for understanding and clemency.Be with us in this time and space."

"Despite the fact that the words of the abhorrent and unnerved are in focus, we know you are louder. Despite the fact that the heads of the suspicious are high, you rise outstanding all items. Despite the fact that ebb and flow has not yet been seen, you ebb and flow all items in the end. No matter which you splash changes."

"Queen of Heaven, customary as Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, and by abundant other names. You who are protectress of gala-tura and the kur-jara, conclude these words and may they satisfied you. Strong aficionado who dances and the stars, to you we sing in peak tribute. The scorch of ebb and flow bursts forth from your towering eyes. By you, the scorned are assumed up and guided to hardness."

"Goddess of the unknowable focal point, of boundless love, bless us this night. Tolerate the tribunal of your daughters and sons in your shinning hands. Tolerate it and hammer in its place, the kindness from which we all were instinctive."

"It is you who are the lip in the edge your way. We lick the rub of your showy maximum and take captive joy. For we know that while of your love, ALL bodies are sacred. All bodies are prized. All bodies are complete in your holy image."

"May it be so, so be it, so mote it be.."