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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Comedy Festival Supreme Sutra

Comedy Festival Supreme Sutra
Ashley Wells, Amber Larson, Tradition QUARTERLY; Jack Black (FESTIVALSUPREME.COM); NYANAPONIKA THERA, "The Character of Sariputta "(condensed by Dhr. Seven); PIFFTHEMAGICDRAGON.COM


Mr. Sign with Bob and David (Protect)

Persevering D, the Ultimate Belt in the World, is puffed-up to allow "Golden jubilee Unparalleled." This is the innovative of its make up one-day comedy-and-music festival set to bear place on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 on the SANTA MONICA Curtail in punishment Southern California. The incredible band includes 25 of the best comedians in this area. A dream an assortment of years in the making, Jack Black and Kyle Gass are the curators of this send-up set of joke about crystal stars who strength of mind bear complete the stop for one special night. We've been uncertain to put this thing together for years, explains Persevering D. It is the joke about and music festivity of the century, so we bear it Golden jubilee Supreme! It strength of mind whip the sky and bring this glitter parish to its a good way.

HOW SARIPUTRA AND MOGGALLANA BECAME ASCETICSNyanaponika Thera (trans.)", The Character of Sariputta "(condensed by Dhr. Seven, Tradition Quarterly)

Maha Moggallana and Sariputra, the Buddha's two fix male disciples (DHAMMAWHEEL.COM)

Sariputra, chief in wisdom

The story begins at two Brahmin villages in India called Upatissa and Kolita, which lay not far from the express mountain-ringed city of RAJAGAHA. To the front the Buddha appeared in the world a Brahmin lady named Sari, living in the town of Upatissa, conceived.

[According to the "Cunda Sutta" (in the "Satipatthana Samyutta") and its Interpretation, the name of Sariputra's back home was Nalaka, or Nalagama, which may be an modification name. It was probably totally exact to the on top weighty NALANDA. Sariputta's plus was a Brahmin named Vaganta. (Interpretation to DHAMMAPADA, v. 75).] On the enormously day, in the town of Kolita, contemporary Brahmin lady named Moggalli in the same way conceived. The two families were accurately related, friends for seven generations. From the innovative day of their pregnancy the families gave due brains to the mothers-to-be, and when ten [lunar] months all women gave instinctive to boys on the enormously day.

Subsequently on the wedding name-giving day, the child of Sari expected the name Upatissa, as he was a son of the chief apartment of the town. For the enormously squabble Moggalli's son was named Kolita. What the boys grew up they were well conversant, acquiring mastery of all the arts and sciences of the day. Each person of them had a high resulting ("500") of Brahmin youths. Whenever they went to the canal or get hard for recreation and alteration, Upatissa recycled to go with a high celebrity of palanquins, and Kolita with a high celebrity of carriages.

Outmoded Perform MUSIC Golden jubilee

"India" was in imitation of a substantial empire.

Now at Rajagaha offering was an almanac festivity called the High point Golden jubilee [which is Untroubled Said in modern Rajgir]. Spaces were prearranged for all youths and they sat together to remark the partying. What offering was unplanned for laughter, THEY LAUGHED. What the eyeglasses were invigorating, THEY WERE Excited. And they paid price for recent shows.

In this way they enjoyed the festival for a twinkle day, but on the third day their understanding was awakened and they may possibly no longer make fun of or get rash, nor did they touch a chord oblique to pay for recent shows as they had done on the innovative two days. Each person of them had the enormously thought: "Like is offering to view at here? To the front these high society enfold reached 100 years, they strength of mind all enfold come to death. Like we indigence to do is to hunt for a teaching ["dharma"] of liberation [from "samsara," the swollen of renewal and rage]."

It was with such pose in be concerned that they took their chairs at the festival. Later Kolita whispered to Upatissa: "How is this, advantageous Upatissa, that you are not as pleased and excited as you were on the other days? You seem now to be in a sad strength. Like is on your mind?"

"Feeling Kolita, to view at these matter in the neighborhood is of no safe at all. It is completely worthless! I indigence to hunt a teaching of liberation for myself. That, Kolita, is what I was station seated in the neighborhood. But you, Kolita, seem to be sad, too." Kolita replied: "Righteous as you enfold explained, I in the same way touch a chord."

What he knew that his friend had the enormously inclinations, Upatissa said: "That was a good bother of ours! But for individuals who hunt a teaching of liberation offering is lonely one thing to do: examine home and become ascetics. But under whom shall we subsist the strict life?"

SEEKING A Intellectual


The Brahmin wanderers converge the Buddha

At that time, offering lived in Rajagaha an strict of the organize of wanderers (paribbajaka") called Sa~njaya, who had a fine resulting of pupils. Deciding to get ordination under him, Upatissa and Kolita went to him, each with his own resulting of an assortment of Brahmin youths. All of them expected ordination from Sa~njaya. And from the time of their ordination under him, Sa~njaya's status and support better very well.

In the sphere of a appropriate time the two friends intellectual Sa~njaya's fantastic creed ("dharma") and asked him: "Master, does your creed go lonely so far, or is offering no matter which beyond?" Sa~njaya replied: "Simply so far does it go. You now know it all." Acoustic this, they bother to themselves: "If that is the battle, it is pointless to get better the strict life under this trainer. We enfold gone forth from home to hunt a teaching of liberation. Frozen Sa~njaya we cannot find it. But India is vast! If we steal ready villages, towns, and cities, we shall guaranteed find a master who can show us the teaching of liberation."

At the rear that, whenever they heard that offering were careful itinerant ascetics or Brahmins at this or that place, they went and discussed with them. But offering was none who was mild to pitch their questions, yet they were mild to retort to any person who questioned them. Having traveled ready the whole of [the dispense of] India they turned back, and arriving at their old place they backdrop involving them that he who should hit upon to deathlessness [enlightenment, liberation from "samsara"] innovative should starve yourself inform the other.

The Buddha, who was younger than Sariputra and Maha Moggallana, is depicted in the neighborhood on alms swollen in ancient India, which enjoyed a much-repeated DANA Group of warmth (WQ)

It was a bond natural of the brilliant friendship involving the two. A few time when they had prepared that enter into, the Buddha, [at that time referred to as] the Cherubic One, came to Rajagaha. For it was equally he had delivered the "Glow Address" at Gaya Summit that the Buddha remembered his token, set not later than his enlightenment to Emperor Bimbisara: He had promised the king that he would come to Rajagaha once more equally he had attained his suggestion.


The Buddha, a itinerant strict (SHRAMAN)

So in stages the Cherubic One journeyed from Gaya to Rajagaha, and having expected from Emperor Bimbisara the Rattan Coppice Monastery (Veluvana, settle rise the nucleus antechamber to Rajagaha) he resided offering. Together with the 61 arhats (advanced disciples) whom the Buddha had sent forth (as missionaries) to state to the world the virtues of the Triple Gem, offering was the "High-class" (Thera") Assaji, who belonged to the standard group of five ascetics, the Buddha's one-time companions not later than his enlightenment, who afterwards became his innovative monastic disciples.

Assaji returned to Rajagaha from his disciple wanderings. One sunrise, as he was departure for alms in the city, Upatissa saw him. Upatissa was on his way to the monastery of his school of itinerant ascetics. But struck by Assaji's allay and lofty din in, Upatissa thought: "Never not later than enfold I seen such a ascetic! He have to be an ARHAT or at the very least on the way to arhatship.

"I should door him and ask, underneath whom enfold you been ordained? Who is your trainer, and what teaching do you profess?'" But next he thought: "It is not the fetching time for putting questions to this venerable, as he is departure for alms ready the streets. I had improve on track deceased him, when the behavior of supplicants." And he did so.

Buddha, Kabul, National Museum (Ninara)

Later, equally the better had gathered his alms crop and Upatissa saw him departure to contemporary place intending to sit down and eat his feast, he ordered for him his own ascetic's seat which he carried with him and on hand it to the better. High-class Assaji took his feast, when which Upatissa served him water from his own water-container, and in that way performed towards Assaji the duties of an Indian trainee to a trainer. At the rear they had exchanged valiant greetings, Upatissa said: "Compliant are your look, friend. Pure and delicate is your skin color. Write to, under whom enfold you gone forth as an ascetic? Who is your trainer, and what teaching do you profess?"

Assaji replied: "Hand over is, O friend, the Summit Outsider, the son of the Sakyas [a apartment kin far to the northwest], who has gone forth from the Sakya kin. Frozen that Cherubic One I enfold gone forth. That Cherubic One is my trainer, and it is his Dharma that I profess."

"Like does the venerable one's master teach, what does he proclaim?" Justification

The goal of wisdom: anatta (impersonal)

Questioned so, Assaji bother to himself: "These itinerant ascetics are opposed to the Buddha's doling out. But I shall show him how weighty this doling out is." So he said: "I am but new to the training, friend. It is not long in the role of I went forth from home, and I came but not long to this teaching and tell off. I cannot take on the Dharma in accept to you." The wayfarer replied: "I am called Upatissa [the premeditated Sariputra], friend. Engross grasp me according to your ability, be it faraway or slim. It strength of mind be my costs to leap forward its meaning by way of a hundred or a thousand methods." He added:

"Be it slim or faraway that you can grasp, The meaning lonely, entertain state to me!To know the meaning is my solo desire;Of no avail to me are an assortment of words." In response, High-class Assaji uttered this stanza:

"Of all individuals matter that establish from a award,The Tathagata [Buddha] the award ther has told;And how they rest to be, that too he tells,This is the creed of the Summit Outsider." [The sultry ancient Pali words recorded are: "Ye dhamma hetuppabhava tesam hetum tathagato aha, tesa~nca yo nirodho evamvadi mahasamano 'ti." This verse was in the same way as to become one of the best-known and top figure a great deal expand Buddhist stanzas, standing as a memory of Sariputra's innovative come within reach of with the Dharma and in the same way as a focal memorial to Assaji, his fine arahat trainer. Conversational at a time equally the moral value of karmic causality was not accorded the reputation it enjoys today in defeatist bother, its dent on the minds of immature Buddhists have to enfold been revolutionary.]

Feature NOTE: How may possibly these few resistance ever lead any person to precipitation entry? Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw explained to us that unsaid in this short summit of the Buddha's teaching are the Four Extravagant Truths, the Dharma in a nutshell. Sariputra (Upatissa) was of such sunlight, liveliness, sharpness, and great perception that he sudden cut ready to the goal of the teaching. For he, tenderness Maha Moggallana (Kolita) and the Buddha's two fix "female "disciples, KHEMA THERI and UPPALAVANNA THERI, had been enlightening and waiting for a "buddha "to establish so as to be his fix disciples for aeons. Initially truth: offering is this. Pass quickly truth: it has a award. Third truth: offering is liberation (from attention). Fourth truth: that, too, has a award -- namely one to be full-size with the Extravagant Eightfold Bearing. Upon audio the innovative two resistance, Upatissa became adjust in the path of STREAM-ENTRY [the innovative of the round about STAGES OF Justification], and audio the disappearing of the shut in two resistance he listened in the FRUITION of a stream-winner. Pompous

So honor, kids, you too can become saddened and set off on a track for truth and liberation. It all starts with Golden jubilee SUPREME! Ask your parents for money.