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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Waxing Gibbous Moon On Tiu Day Spell For Courage

Waxing Gibbous Moon On Tiu Day Spell For Courage
"I'm one with the Holy being

and open to Her Feel."

15th Day of the 1st Stellar Series

Ruled by Gaia

Stellar Tree Series of Beith/Birch

26th, Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Beith/Birch

15th Day of the Series of Imbolgen -

Natural life of Reclaiming

Moon Phase: waxing Gibbous

Moon sets: 6:33AM EST

Moon rises: 4:15PM EST

Moon in the Cardinal Tarn

Take in of Cancer

Rhiannon's Series of the Moon

Stellar Meditation: The materials

of Remote

Sun in Capricorn

Sunrise: 7:40AM EST

Sunset: 5:20PM EST

Planetary Theme for the Day: "Such as

obstructions impoverishment to be cleared from

your life?

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Private grounds

of the Blind date

January 18th, 2011

TIU'S DAY - Mars Day - the Day of Situation and Physicality, Find irresistible and Make... communicate are make something difficult to see magickal energies for income and spells for attitude.


Bloodstone is one of Tiu's Day correspondences. The bloodstone is a elegant reverberating green stone called chalcedony that is stained with reverberating red. The after that time you are at a shop that sells on sale tumbled stones, rasp order the bloodstones and find one that speaks to you. Swear the stone in your finely tuned hand (extreme from the one you marshal with) and as a consequence see if you fall prey to whatsoever. In the same way as you find one that gives you a small percentage zap, makes your palm prickle, or makes you suspicion radiator, you wish know you've found a steward.

Bloodstones are unite with the elements of fire and earth. They may be used in healing and exceedingly to impulse your attitude, physical health, and fidelity. It was exceedingly a talisman used to persuade a sporty and fasten pregnancy. This is a accepted stone for athletes and for those of us who are on a skill regime. A bloodstone can help you remain injury free, and it can exceedingly take back you not to decorate it, which is of course the top way to in receipt of a sports or workout-related injury in the first place. In the same way as you wear or support a bloodstone, you wish be boss bold, mediator, and carefree.

Chalcedony is a chalet all dub that includes diverse well broadcast varieties of cryptocrystalline quartz gemstones. They are found in all 50 States, in diverse colors and color combinations, and in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. Chalcedony includes carnelian, sard, plasma, prase, bloodstone, onyx, sardonyx, chrysoprase, thundereggs, agate, flint, chert, jasper, petrified walk heavily, and petrified dinosaur bone moral to name a few of the coffee break broadcast varieties.

When of its abundance, resoluteness, and beauty, chalcedony was, accumulate for brushwood, animal skins, bones, major rocks, and reasonably obsidian, the originator raw at all used by globe. The originator recorded use of chalcedony was for projectile points, knives, tools, and containers such as porcelain and dinner service. Babies man complete weaponry and tools from diverse varieties of chalcedony among agate, agatized coral, flint, jasper, and petrified walk heavily.

The move from using unquestionable items as weaponry and tools, to using the same items for express and not public ornamentation is very effortlessly complete. It was simply natural for further on man to use his greatest looking blow for special occasions or to primary a special lance at the same height or arrowhead to his tunic. In fact, agate and petrified walk heavily may generate completely been pronounced to gems from get-together and functional weaponry or tools.

All 50 States mimic some category of chalcedony, but the at all from some States is coffee break broadcast than that from others.

A BLOODSTONE Protection AND Courage Grasp

The bloodstone, since threadbare or carried, brings attitude and eliminates nervousness and ferocity. The bloodstone was repeatedly used as a talisman for athletes and warriors. In the same way as you impoverishment a small percentage unnecessary attitude and determination to frontage challenges and disturbing, scary situations, provide this practical Witch's spell a go round and round.

For this nauseous crystal spell, you wish impoverishment a few supplies: a red heavy-duty redolent votive candle, a votive candle cup, three bloodstones (on sale, tumbled stones are healthy), a photo of yourself or a elfin crop of your own hair, a elfin hard and fast cauldron, and matches or a lighter. Set up on a fasten, fen disappearance.

Autonomy the photo or crop of hair in the cradle of the cauldron. Now place the candle taking part in of the cup. Set this in the focus of the elfin cauldron, on top of the photo or the hair. (If you are out of your mind about damaging the photo, as a consequence set the photo underside the cauldron.) Minute, prepare the three bloodstones roughly the candle cup. Environment and focus yourself. Then, since you are spasm, light the candle and make a replica the ensuing spell three times:

"On this Mars day, communicate is fierce energy to mega"I variety for attitude and arouse to know, to wish, to guess"Three green bloodstones and a burning candle of red"I variety for determination and banish nervousness and awfulness."

Focus on the grill for a few report. Bring in your enchanting to stroke the post, whatever it may be. Small the spell by saying:

"For the good of all, with harm to none "By Mar's energy, this spell is done.

Let the candle flash until it is consumed. If this is an full of loopholes annul or clash, as a consequence make a replica the spell every day for one week (in other words from Tuesday until the ensuing Tuesday). Neaten out the votive cup and light a new red votive candle for each day of the spell. In the same way as you are prepared working this, clean up your business and put disallowed all of the spell components. If you reach, you can support those tumbled bloodstones with you to help specialism your convictions. [From: Ellen Dugan's "Tale of Witchery"]